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  1. Hi, I think that you have mostly boxscars. Not sure what really improves them, Maybe tca cross?? Ona scale i would say 3 or 4 honestly. If I saw you in person, I would notice them, however I would think to myself that it didnt look bad at all honestly. Rating them is hard because you have no idea what I would consider severe so to give you my perspective I would consider someone like Laurence Fishburne or that actor on Sons of anarchy (forgot his name) to have severe scarring. Good luck on y
  2. Hi, Almost everyone I know has at least one scar on their face. Thats totally normal. I have to wonder if perhaps the stress is getting to you and you are focusing on minor imperfections to in a way not have to focus on the things that are really bothering you. Thats just my 2 cents... There is nothing wrong with wanting to do things that improve yourself but I think that its so so minor and that you focus on it constantly makes me think something else is going on. I wish you peace. confidence a
  3. Thanks beautifulambition!! Ive just started up with Tri-luma again so I will have to wait a couple months until Melasma decreases. Ive had the Clear and Brilliant but I gave up after a couple treatments because I didnt really see any noticable improvement. I thought I did at first but that could just be the placebo effect. I have considered the RF Infiny, however, I dont like the RF part and Im not confident that microneedling helps. I had tca cross a long time ago but again after a couple trea
  4. Thank you for replying! With summer almost over my Melasma is back. I use Replenix sunscreen with lots of zinc everyday, but it always creeps its ugly head on me as I live in southern california and I do outside activities. I have just started back on triluma. I will be waiting until December for any treatment. I have considered a strong 35% tca peel, infini rf, or another laser for texture. Also, have some deep wrinkles under eyes that I think only laser could treat. My texture is kinda rough s
  5. For some reason, some of my message got cut off:( Basically I was just wondering how scarred pores get corrected if at all possible. My scarring doesnt really bother me anymore but the texture of my skin still does. Of the years I have tried treatments but nothing real worthy to report compared to meoney spent. I would love if anyone has success treating pores like mine with really any kind of treatment. I know that tca is out of the question as it would pretty much would have to be done on my
  6. I do have some scarring, but what I would like to help/correct the most would be my scarred pores. As I age they are starting to look worst like connecting lines and some sagging. I am considering either the 35% tca peel this fall or maybe an ablative laser. Not sure which. I have tried some procedures in the past without much improvement...so I thought if anyone has had any success with any treatments, you could point me in the right direction!!
  7. Thank you! I have had many treatments for my melasma and I am using Hydroquinone at this time but my skin is very stubborn... I know in time I should acheive a more even skin tone with the products I am using but I do know its not going to help with my texture issues. I will have to look into Infini RF Microneedle.
  8. Its been awhile since I last visited. Still working on my skin but keeping a positive attitude about it. Wondered if there has been any new successes out there that might help me...I just did a medium depth peel and use retin-a and also HQ (melasma) but could do more. Any suggestions? Any new treatments that seem promising!
  9. Hi, I saw your comment here about your scar from TCA cross got worse on week 5 - 6, it did happen the same to me. What did you do to improve red scars from tca cross? thank you 

  10. Did anyone watch this?? What do you think about the drs recommendations?? I am trying to find a follow up and see the afters![Edited image out] [Edited image out]
  11. I honestly at first thought it was helping but I am starting to think it must have been micro-swelling:(
  12. Your skin look good Cherry soda! Seems like your right cheek has rolling scars and your left cheek has some minor pitting but your overall skin looks fantastic. Creamy milky skin...so totally jealous!!
  13. Your 2 bottom pics are taken in very harsh lighting. What I see are some localized scarring that seem like boxscar (could be wrong though). I think its really not bad at all. Good luck with the dermaroller if you decide to try it!
  14. Microderm would do nothing. Just had it done yesterday but not for scarring. I had it done as part of my facial just to enhance product penetration. I have had a slight change in my scarring from dermarolling. I think that because your scarring is so localized and really not bad at all I would try non-invasive treatments and just use good skincare products. Your skin looks good to me!
  15. I have now rolled my self a few times over the last few months with my own dermaroller and I think I see some slight changes which makes me happy. My hypopigmentation spots are still there but it seems like my pitting may be less visible. I know my skin will never be perfect but anything helps and so I am feeling happy:) I am mostly focusing on under my chin as that bothers me the most because of location and I think that area has benefited the most. Now if I could get my skin tone to be evene