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  1. No worries, I'll update you when my acne breakout is under control. Around six months ago, I had not a single inflamed acne, just scars. Seems like it came back to nib me while I started to do peeps with the retnoid cream from "Admire My Skin". (What is the difference between the one you listed compared to this product?) There are two main areas of scaring and they are on my sides from the temple to the cheeks, I am not sure if sleeping on my sides could be the culprit for them. Especially
  2. There are two images that are edited to show the dents and texture of the acne scars along with any other inflamed acne. I would like to know the severity of this acne scaring and such. Safe to say it is moderate to severe. I have used trentoin as it was prescribed to me for 0.05 and then 0.1. Along with bactrin pills to remove bacteria infections and a gel that would be applied in the morning. Forgot what that one was for. (I no longer have the trentoin creams) This was