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  1. So I believe we've already discussed that it's probably a bad idea to tan while on the regimen due to the fact that BP increases the chances of burning and stuff. Therefore, I was wondering if there was any tanning lotions/bronzers/anything like that that you guys use while on the regimen that you would recommend that work and also don't make you break out or anything. Thanks!
  2. it can be a bunch of things, but it's definitely not lack of sleep for me.
  3. so i have some pretty dark circles (purpleish) under my eyes and bought some creams to see if that would help, can i just put it on after my moisturizer on whilst on the regimen? or does anyone else have suggestions for dark circles in general?
  4. does a baby hair brush actually work? I'd imagine it works better than alpha hydroxy, which does nothing for me.
  5. i think one of my problems is that i don't exfoliate. what products are out there that you guys recommend that would help me out, and how often would you do it on the regimen?
  6. what about using say an SPF 30 before tanning?
  7. I theorize that there already is an acne vaccine/cure/whatever. Obviously they don't wanna release it to the public because acne prevention companies and such make billions and helps the economy.
  8. That doesn't help, as no one answered any of their questions either.
  9. So I want to start tanning in tanning beds, seeing how I'm pale and stuff. Any advice I should follow in terms of suntan lotion or has this helped/hurt anyone's face?
  10. so i got body acne i need to get rid of, and back acne too a little bit, but i don't want to use BP to ruin my bed sheets and clothes and such. any ideas?
  11. so i've been on the regimen for a while, about a year and a half i would guestimate. While my acne is mostly gone (still the occasional breakout when i don't get to shower for a day or so), my face still is pretty red and has some scars. the only products i use are the 3 dan's regimen products( cleanser, bp, moisturizer) any advice?