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  1. Sorry to bring this up and change topic, but I'd like to know - Is there anyone who has been able to live a happy, fulfilling life after consuming isotretinoin at 20mg for a month (or higher or a longer duration)? I find that I have great difficulty in focusing and doing work and generally feel fatigued. I also know someone who consumed it at 10mg for two months and they seemed to be fine.
  2. @cnb30 That's an interesting observation considering someone improved their ED with cayenne pepper that is very high in VA.
  3. Really happy for you. I took it when I had just joined college and was away from my parents, so I took it for about six months (40 mg for a month, then due to the dryness I requested a lower dosage so 20 mg for three months, and then on and off for another three). Needless to say, it has forever changed my life, but I am recovering little by little through some natural ways. In my case, it was clearly negligence by the doctor to hand this drug without requiring followups or blood tests or explai