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  1. I see what you are saying, yes the texture is still normal just the indentation is still an atrophic scar. Its not a major scar in depth and size. That's probably why Laser or microneedling would work on these and these scars are shallow so probably wouldn't need many sessions. You have to find a dermatologist that is known to be good at laser because a lot of the results are based on their skill. The treatment is there but when you are going through the period where these scars are still progre
  2. Yes same with me. Did you ever see a doctor that had any experience with other patients to let you know if their random scars started up again later? Its hard to find case reports but the ones that do usually didn't have any followups from years later. I found a few that said the patients didn't have new scars, they were stable.
  3. The scars are indentations, likely decrease in elastic fibers. The dermatologist says laser would work on these scars. Depends on if you have a lot ( i do on one cheek more than the other) whereas like your brother only got 2 scars so no point in really trying to get rid of them.
  4. I don't think vitamin A (accutane, etc) is the cause, i don't believe that theory. I think you should be okay with the accutane. i have boxcar that are somewhat shallow they look like acne scars, a couple linear scars. I hope yours fully stopped. From what I've read it seems with many cases with people who didnt have it from childhood, that this eventually stops.
  5. From what i read isotretinion can help stop the scarring but its temporary because you wouldnt want to be on it forever. I think probiotics should be included in the daily regimen. thanks so much to all of you who have shared your stories .
  6. thanks for your response, i hope we all grow out of it. i have read publications on this, there arent followups published on those cases either.
  7. Ok so thats not AMVC then. Anyone diagnosed with AMVC? seems like the others who said they were dont post on here anymore, maybe its a sign it eventually stopped.
  8. @Jelly - how long have you been getting AMVC scarring, did it stop eventually? lasers and dermabrasion should work, the options to fix it are out there, but i am wondering when yours stopped occurring.
  9. I believe i have atrophia maculosa varioliformis cutis and am going to the derm this week but I have read there isnt much treatment. So i was hoping the ones that were diagnosed with it like can explain how long did this last? or are you still getting scars. Were any of you on accutane or recently completed accutane when you first on it. How soon after accutane did you notice this? And did you see any scarring randomly while on accutane. if you dont have the scars occuring anymore, did the scarr
  10. Hi Ela, can you please give an update on how you are doing now? And have you had any treatments? I am going to the derm this week. I believe i have this. Were you ever on accutane by any chance?