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  1. I was on just spiro 150 mg for like 2 years and it did nothing for my skin and made me feel like shit . I got my periods every two weeks and ovarian cysts monthly . I’ve been taking yaz only for 6 months with better results and NO period . I’m going to switch to Yasmin because my skin still is bad ....
  2. Spiro literally did nothing for me and I was taking 150 mg and it messed my periods SO bad ( every two weeks with monthly ovarian cysts ) I took yaz and spiro for 3 months together and I felt like shit and bled the entire 3 months ... I now just take yaz for 6 months and I get no period but my skin is terrible and I feel depressed and fat . I’m going to try Yasmin as in the past it worked well . The higher estrogen neutralizes the testosterone ! Side note - I took yaz back to back to keep my ski
  3. Years ago I I was on Yasmin and I had great results ... the. Switched to yaz and it was horrible ( weight gain, nausea , migraine , cysts everywhere ) so I went off . I’ve been trying spiro for almost two years and it did shit all for my skin and made my period come every two weeks . I’m on yaz again now for 6 months and I’m unsure , I think my moods are meh , zero sex drive ... acne still but NO period . Just cramps in my experience going for Yasmin with higher estrogen to yaz was hell but I’m
  4. I was taking spiro 150 mg for a solid 6 months and 100 mg for a year prior with bezaclin and differin ..... no change and I got my period every two weeks on the dot and ovarian cysts every month that burst . I cut down to 100 mg of spiro and added yaz for 3 months I had acne , mood swings and bled the entire 3 months straight .... my skin was okay ... now I’ve been on just yaz for 6 months and still have acne .. started tanning to see if that helps . Thinking of switching to just Yasmin to clear