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  1. Yes acne cure is correct it will take more than green tea. Each pill I take contains 2.5 mg of green tea so at 2 pills twice a day that comes to 10mg a day mixed with the other ingrediants which are LYSINE, VITAMIN C (AS ASCORBIC ACID), VITAMIN E (AS d-ALPHA-TOCOPHEROL), PANTOTHENIC ACID (AS CALCIUM PANTOTHENATE), BORAGE OIL (ORGANIC, COLD PRESSED), FLAXSEED OIL (HIGH-LIGNIN, ORGANIC, COLD PRESSED), PROLINE, GRAPE SEED EXTRACT (VITIS VINIFERA L) (SEED). All of this can be found at a good he
  2. Thanks for the feedback sabspeaks, nice command of the english language! Bravo Maybe you don't care or many others out there so don't get the sample. But for the many that did reply to try something new that someone thinks works so much that they send it out free, they do care because they saw results. And yes also ordered, What a scam, people ordering something that they got for free and worked. What next? People who can relate there ideas without a foul mouth. [email protected]
  3. The pills that I use and distribute work on body acne. BUT, it is the very last place that it seems to show results. I was getting red welt like breakouts on my jaw line neck and back. I started taking these holistic pills it showed results within 3 days on the welts but I developed whiteheads all over my chest and collarbone area ( a problem I didnt have previous to the pills) and that seemed to take longer to clear up but still cleared it up. If youd like check out my web site I send the pills
  4. Hi The pills I use and distribute have worked great for me. They contain Green Tea Extract (Camellia Sinensis Hunt) (Leaves) among alot of other stuff there is 2.5 mg of green tea in each pill I take 2 in the am and 2 in the pm. Maybe this dosage info will help. [email protected]
  5. As far as your question with Alex Chiu, make sure that free means free. I also distribute Holistic pills that have good results with most forms of acne. Herbs are going on the basis of treating the problem from the inside out, treating the surface is not much help to what is going on beneath the skin. When companies offer free products from experience I have found that free alot of the times means pay now refund later. I have been on the tail end of lengthly return policys, not being able to r
  6. Hello This inside out method is very effective. It pushes out the toxins at a faster rate so that they don't sit and grow resulting in less and less severe breakouts. The following combo is what I use and anyone intrested can get a free sample of them by email request. My web site is listed so you can research the company I represent. Holistic treatment through cellular biology is growing in leaps and bounds. Each pill contains LYSINE, VITAMIN C (AS ASCORBIC ACID), VITAMIN E (AS d-ALPHA-TOCOPHER
  7. Hello it's me again. I have been keeping up with the post going on and I just want to state that I never said I had a cure nor said that I was going to clear up your entire acne problem or that it worked for everyone with all types of acne. What I said was Acne Relief. Relief is what I found from it. I started getting what appeared to be welts all over my jaw line, neck and back. They werent like pimples, I never even thought acne for the fact that I never broke out as a teenager. I thought this
  8. If you are looking to take a supplement route a good combo is LYSINE, VITAMIN C (AS ASCORBIC ACID), VITAMIN E (AS d-ALPHA-TOCOPHEROL), PANTOTHENIC ACID (AS CALCIUM PANTOTHENATE), BORAGE OIL (ORGANIC, COLD PRESSED), FLAXSEED OIL (HIGH-LIGNIN, ORGANIC, COLD PRESSED), PROLINE, GREEN TEA EXTRACT (CAMELLIA SINENSIS HUNT) (LEAVES), GRAPE SEED EXTRACT (VITIS VINIFERA L) (SEED). All of this can be found at a good health food store, plus use good sense with your diet and plenty of water
  9. The negitive replys seem to be from people who have been scammed and what looks to be quite emotionaly scared by people who have taken advantage of them in the past. Nothing I think that a little medication and a good therapist couldnt work them thru. BUT, as I said this is a FREE offer so I don't see any way that anyone is being taken advantage of. If it works for you order if it dosn't then don't.
  10. You seem to be very bitter but this has nothing to do with MLM or distributors. This is about the product that help my acne, thats why I became a distributor thats why I give it out free for all to try. And, believe me I know how serious it is because I was a sufferer of it thats why I try to help people by showing them results before asking for any to order anything.
  11. I have gotten alot of email that seems to think I am misleading or misusing the site? I listed my web site to show that this was a legitamate company and so people could see the science behind the pills, not something I make in my kitchen! I became a distributor because these pills helped me and if you look at what goes into them it all makes perfect sense if you research holistic medicine. I send 20 pills, 5 day supply 100% FREE, I do not even ask for postage. I was many a time on the other en
  12. My name is Karen Woelki. I was a sufferer of adult acne till I started on these Holistic Natural Pills. I have had such a success I send out a FREE 5 day supply to any one that asks because I have had such a response from the results I have sent out 104 samples to date and received 99 orders from people all over the world that had fantastic results like mine. What do you have to lose, their FREE, NO OBLIGATION, NOTHING TO ORDER or RETURN. Thats how sure I am they work! If the order is for adole