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  1. soo here are my pictures The first is from 1/29 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v133/rox...ts/IMG_0372.jpg (most of the noticable reds were nodular and painful) and second from this morning 2/1 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v133/rox...ts/IMG_0388.jpg (you can see a huge improvement in the color of the acne, it totally calmed down and they aren't cystic AT ALL now. i did the Nicholas Perricone three day challenge i did the following for 3 days straight and added supplements (fish oil, cal
  2. I'm curious about something I've read in a few topics here, What is the significance of sleeping in total darkness- as a part of an anti-acne regime? Is it so your sleep is restful and that you maintain a rhythm in your sleep patterns?
  3. oh! that was nice- i like the way you think. much agreed.
  4. I suppose this is rather late, but I just joined this week. While honey is good for others its actually an inflammatory substance which could cause flate ups for acne sufferers
  5. alpha lipoic acid dmae ester c please everyone in the WORLD! real Nicholas Perricone's Acne Prescription. all answers are there.
  6. get the book the Acne Prescription by Nicholas Perricone. all answers there!