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  1. Does Bp really work for cysts? I have found that it didnt do much for my cysts in the past.I give up alway dry out the top and make them more red I have been reading alot about it on this board ..so I went out and got some bp %5 clean and clear give it another try. Im only putting a little on before bed as a spot treatment..See if that helps ..Has anyone had luck with Bp and cysts acne? Thanks and this board is a great place for info and to know im not alone with Ance
  2. I only Dream of having clear skin!So yes I feel pissed off and think why do I have to look like this
  3. Hi I have not posted on here in a very long time ...Today I feel so sad I am still crying and feeling like shit after 10 years of cystic acne my face is full of scars and the cystic just won`t stop coming.I have seen soooo many specialist drem's always the same thing they walk in and look and 'say go on Tane' thats the choice I walk away crying upset same shit just another doctor I WILL NOT TAKE TANE SO I LIVE WITH THIS I have tryed so many thing from wash`s to pills to you name it ..I AM s