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  1. @xander_33 that much improvement from one subcision is great honestly. You will have to go back for more especially if it worked out for you in the first place. Following this thread too. Thanks for updating us.
  2. @Guest @F1racer Yeah, people (especially darker skinned) should go for multiple fractional laser treatments. It will be more expensive and time consuming but the risks with fully ablative are too damn high to risk. And PIH is a given. I feel like as long as it fades away, it is a fair price to pay. And you hear it multiple times - multiple fractional laser treatments are kind of equal to one fully ablative one. Ofc this is all theory but it makes sense.
  3. Is it though? It probably is scar tissue underneath the skin... that would not be qualified as a hypertrophic scar but simply as scar tissue within the body (Right?!). The stretching makes it more visible because it „pushes the skin against the scar tissue more leaving a visible imprint“ I don’t know how else to describe it but I have these lumps as well (cheek area). When I blow my cheeks up like a chipmunk these lumps become more visible... Edit: @darling_ Me too. Before accutane I did n
  4. High Energy like that can cause fat loss if it is delivered to deep... Yeah, your scars were definitely tethered hence subcision working so well. Which leads to INFINI before subcision being unsuccessful since the tethers need to be severed before you deliver energy and try to stimulate collagen production. All this is in theory of course.
  5. I think it has improved but taking the pictures while you're lying down is not ideal -> Gravity. Unevenness in volume between the two sides of the face is normal since our faces are not 100% symmetrical ... a lot of people have it. Me included. I don't see a major difference in the volume of your cheeks, you look perfectly normal.
  6. Do you know if all skin types (also 5 and 6) can do it? Did she mention anything about that? Thank you in advance!
  7. Instead of Skin Needling I would say RF Microneedling
  8. @Dilyana at least a month I would say
  9. Which Dr treated you with the Genius? I assume somebody in Europe, possibly Dr Henningsen?
  10. Was the erbium fully ablative or fractional ? That info would be wonderful!
  11. Wow, there is literally such a big difference. The picture shows how the depth of the rolling scars has been reduced greatly. It's hard to see any of the texture you are mentioning tho. Good luck with the chemabrasion.
  12. I respect that. You are wary of a topical tretinoin cream but you seek invasive treatment - You do know that acne scar treatments are far more risky, right? And tretinoin does not "destroy" your skin ... that's just people using it for a couple of days/weeks not knowing how bad it can get before it gets better... long term no topical will dramatically worsen your skin ...short term yes because of irritation. Not trying to convince you to use it, I'm just trying to fight the st
  13. Alright, there is prescription azealic acid and you can buffer tretinoin. In the beginning yes your skin will be dry etc. but in the long run it will be very beneficial... like after a year of consistent usage. I can tell you are asking a lot of questions (which is not a bad thing) but you should research on your own and come back with a better understanding for these procedures. Read this forum, go on youtube, read clinical trials, read beautifulambition’s faq, understand how the ski
  14. Ok low density and very high energy... it would have been nice to know how many microns deep it was though. This might just be temporary given you weren’t treated with a higher density. Time will tell buddy. Hang on.