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  1. There is RF Microneedling with and without insulated Needles. Insulated meaning the energy/heat that the device gives off is focused on the tip of the needles only. Non-insulated microneedling rf devices produce heat along the entire length of the needle, which, for example, CAN cause PIH in darker skin tones. May I ask which country you are from as your currency is euro? Before you jump into being treated by any doctor or nurse, you should educate yourself about acne scar treatments,
  2. You should read through this forum and gather general information about treatments. Be aware that nobody here is an expert and take certain posts with a grain of salt. Honestly research Dr.Rullan, he is located in San Diego ... I know you live in the Bay but for acne scars you shouldn't go to any random doctor just because they offer the treatment you're looking for... the doctor's skill and knowledge is crucial. And like hlp334 said you should also pm beautifulambition on here .
  3. Yeah I'm wondering which side is the before as well... When was your second subcision and did you have filler? Also it looks like your scars are mainly big rolling scars ... I'm guessing two subcision sessions are not enough. Don't be discouraged, just remind yourself that it takes time and that until this point you did not have bad side effects or worsening ... which is a blessing And I mean there is improvement (if the right pic is the before), so it is going uphill for y
  4. Hey, @dodgerguy can you possibly refer me to any links, post or whatever where Emer botched peoples skin? Thank you very much.
  5. It is best to have before and after pictures in similar lighting/angle for you to really see the changes in your skin. Hopefully you did that. I hope this is only temporary for you.
  6. @Miro how was your treatment with emil and how is the recovery? Do you possibly know what settings and how many passes he used?
  7. @DjDoggpound Your experience is good to hear ! How was your overall experience and impression of Dr. Emil?
  8. It always looks better in the morning due to swelling and puffiness. Multiple people on here reported about it but people seem to ignore this. If I would take after pictures of any procedure in the morning, you would think that I barely have scars left but after swelling goes down throughout the day, scars become more visible. Thats why before and after pictures don't necessarily have to be photoshopped or taken in different angles/lighting to be misleading or fake results ... the swel
  9. Honestly, that is amazing improvement. Like I cannot believe how you were able to obtain that over 6 months. Congrats and you are definitely in good hands with rullan Edit: This also proves that not rushing treatment can truly be a benefit since you see what works and what doesn’t. Great job
  10. @npbm hope you don't mind me asking but are there any updates?
  11. I know you probably don't want to do this but it would be great to see your scars with the direct overhead lighting to really see and compare with your first set of pictures from the beginning of your journey. IF you obviously still upload any, if not it's still visible how much your scars have improved and you might think the texture difference is not visible to us but I think your skin quality looks extremely good now. Also, thank you so much for documenting the whole process for everybod
  12. How high percentage wise would you rate your improvement? It really really looks good like its barely there probably.
  13. Damn. She really learned from Dr. Rullan? That's dope ... possibly another option for us in Europe. I would love to see your journey!!!
  14. I believe you are the most interested in Group III. I quote : "All patients received six sessions with 2‐week intervals. [...] Group III: Patients in this group were treated with dermapen and GA 35% every 2‐week interval for six sessions alternating with each other." Group III basically got 3 sessions of dermapen and 3 sessions of GA-Peel, alternating every 2 weeks. The other two groups received 6 sessions of either dermapen or GA-Peel. Hope this helps. This stud