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  1. well for the past 3 weeks ive been using witch foaming facial wash you cant miss that one in the shops as the bottle is bright blue... but so far its worked real well ive used a real expensive tea tree oil on my skin before (so not boots) that worked well on active acne but i hated having it on my fingers as it had a real awful texture but i would take bp over tea tree oil personly
  2. il answer this part of the post 1st you must not have every ordered anything from america before the charges are very normal for buying from america... as for the custom charges they are from are government not from daniel kern inc. its to try and keep people buying there goods and supplies from europe and the uk (some goods arnt charged with import taxes (customs) but for that list you will have to check the hmr site but i know they dont include bueaty products) yeah if you the amou
  3. well for the past 3 weeks ive been using witch foaming face wash as my clenser... which so far has served me well... even more so considering as of late my sleep pattern has been eradic meaning i have gone 4-5 hours with out using my clenser the same time each day (ive found that to be very important in my personal regium as when i was using dans if i left it over a few hours i would break out)
  4. although it wouldnt be much cheaper (mostly because of the import tax and vat that is changed to the company buying which has to be passed on, and the current weakness of are £) they dont wish to expand to the eu... as a few months ago i offered to do this sort of venture but they declined and said they do not wish to do anything like this for a while
  5. yeah this should be fine.... just make sure you shake it well before use as all the oil will group back togather
  6. well with science with how it is at the moment they say near enough anything and everything causes cancer.... which is true as all it requires is for a defect to appear in any of your dna and blame it grows uncontolably.... but as known this can even be caused by being exposed by sunlight.... so in general there is nothing to be scared of remember bp has been around for nearly 90 years now (well longer buts thats how long it has been used to treat acne)
  7. yep i used the two togather with success all i done was apply it about 10 mins after i used the bp... i done it this way incase using the acv washed the bp off which of course is something we dont want to happen (i always found acv dripped off my face as i applied it with cotton wool)
  8. accutane will work in the end but the more your on it and the longer the more chance you have of the negitive side effects... some people need at least 5 courses..... has your acne come back worse once you have came off tane or did the tane not stop your acne but just slow it down? if so did the effects stack so each course did it get better each course rather than reverting to its previous state.. "can you feel the the air blow into your pores when they are clear?" ... i cant but i cant speak
  9. bp is by far the most popular and widest available acne treatment... but on whats the best alters between each person.... your skin doesnt get use to bp so it means when it works it wont just suddenly stop working but that being said some people (meant to be under 5% of the world) are immune to the effects others cant use any of the other because they skin is too sensitive.... but most people start off with bp and see how it works on there skin
  10. "Lunch: Take 1 pill of Solodyn with meal (NOTE: I probably won't do this, I hate antibiotics)" you need to do this part.... you may not like them but its very important.. this is what will stop you from breaking out.... its pointless clearing your skin with the things like differin when your just going to get new spots and red marks as with every derm they have different views on different things for example some wont precribe accutane for anyone not even cases where nothing works where as othe
  11. If it were to help my condition, IQ Derma Clear Remedy would clear my face up as well. The lotion has urea as an ingredient. And again, there is no way I'm putting urine on my face. you are aware urea its processed urine? and alot of body and facial products use it as it kills most bacteria, acts as a form of clenser and a mositeriser...... its not the most hyginec thing to use straight from you though normaly this is beucase if your diet is very unhealthy so will your urine be..... as
  12. yeah all products do this just different products to different people.... i cant use clearasil as they break me out much worse while using it.... my brother and mum had the similar experience while using the oxy facial wipes... other people find that using cleansers that are alcohol based cause them to break out worse if there truly big spots (cysts) then nope there not from your new cleanser as they take a few days to form in your skin before erupting... however it there not very big so mild
  13. by had a few drinks the night before your not reffering to alcoholic drinks.... as you cannot drink while on a tane as it can lead to side effects such as sizures and passing out as well as more long term effects such as liver damage as well as significantly increase in cholesterol and triglyceride levels ...also your not meant to use bp while on tane.... for several reasons 1) it dulls the effect of he tane meaning that you may have to go on a second course 2) it can lead to breakouts (like y
  14. differin works for most people.... however it has a slight negitive side for alot of people and that is that it will look worse then all of a sudden it will start to rapidly clear up with in a week.... others are lucky and they dont go though the stage where the tropical makes things worse then better but just get better its commonly precribed for more serious than milder cases however most the people that post on this site will say it doesnt work to warn you off it (i was unlucky and after mo
  15. "she laughed and told me that I am trying to get rid of the oil not put more on it, boy was she STUPID" i kinda fail to see whats stupid about this quote, she is correct it sounds like it is the oil that is causing you to break out thus why your new make up made you break out it was blocking your pours thus blocking excess oil from leaving your skin... the more oil the more you break out (this is true for you by the sounds of it but not everyone) you should go back to using the bp but use it a