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  1. Day ??? Ever since I've started 80mg, I've been ridiculously tired all the time. I don't even attempt to go for runs anymore because my legs can't handle it. Yesterday I went for a 2 mile walk before work and at work I felt like I was going to collapse. I have a bad back to begin with, but now I feel like it could go out at any moment. I'm very stiff and I feel like I'm getting shin splints which doesn't make sense because I don't even run anymore. I think the stiffness has been the hardes
  2. My face wasn't very dry at all until maybe the third month. Even now I feel like my face isn't that dry. I just found out that I should have been on a higher dose throughout my treatment. Maybe you should double check with your doctor about your dose next time you go in.
  3. Day 122 I'm so mad. I got home from school and saw my dermatologist at home. He said that my dose has been way too low and that I should have been on 70 mg instead of 40 this whole time. So now for my last two months I have to go on 80 mg to make up for it and I might have to do an extra month. I'm so mad because I saw different residents every time I had an appointment at school and I would ask them things like "shouldn't I be on a higher dose?". My face definitely is not as far along a
  4. Day 101 I've been a little stressed out lately because of finals and end of the year business...and my face looks like shit. It might also be because I haven't been eating well or working out. Right now I have two huge pimples and about 3 little ones. My redness is also especially bad- maybe because I'm so pale? I'm just frustrated that I'm well into my third month and I still look really bad. Also, I'm leaving to go home and I want to look presentable when I start working. It's very hard
  5. Day 94 I just got back from a weekend in NYC. It was so much fun! My face is really looking good. I have a lot of redness, but I still feel amazing! My face is finally flat-- free from the huge mountains that were impossible to hide. For the first time in a while, I was excited to take pictures with my friends. The side effects aren't too bad, although, I had a lot of trouble walking around the city because my back was really achy. Also, my hair is soooo dry! I straightened it today and
  6. Day 90 Wow, three months down. My doctor is keeping me on 40mg. She said that I have borderline high cholesterol which freaks me out a little. My face is looking really great. I have a few tiny tiny whiteheads, but that's it! This weekend I'm going to the city and I'm so excited. My parents and brother will be there for the weekend and I also have a few friends who go to Colombia. So during the day I get to hang out with my parents and let them pay for everything, while at night I get
  7. Day 86 I'm happy to announce that I have no more active pimples! Whoo hooo! I do have one little white head, but no more big ones! I'm so happy! My red spots are awful, however. How long does it take for the redness to die down? Is there anything I can do to make the process go faster? School has been going well. I only have 3 weeks left and I can't believe I'll be halfway done. It's warm now, so I'm not getting any work done I just can't wait 'til summer because I have the best jo
  8. Day 82 Sat outside for like a half hour because it was sooo nice out. Now I have weird redspots on my arms. They are like a sunburn, but not really. Weird. My lips are amazing! I love Aquaphor! I played with my guitar friend last night at the coffee shop and we sounded really good. I really like having someone to collaborate with. It's fun. I wish this year lasted longer, though, because I won't see him for 4 months. Maybe I'll find someone to play with over the summer. Speaking of s
  9. Day 80 My face is about the same. I'm feeling more optimistic, though, because I just saw a picture of myself from 3 months ago. AHHH it was so bad! But it's kind of weird- before accutane, my acne was primarily on my chin. Now, I'm breaking out on my cheeks and have nothing on my chin. I broke down and bought Aquaphor. It's amazing!!! I'm so mad that I didn't buy it earlier. For the first time in 3 months, I woke up without chapped lips. Dr. Dan's Cortibalm works well, but Aquaphor i
  10. Day 78 Face just getting worse. I'm wondering if my make-up is causing problems. I have a few new white heads and these two cysts on my left cheek combined into one monstrous and painful pimple. I'm getting close to the three month mark- hopefully things will turn around then. I'm freaking out about school ending. I feel like I wasted this year and I contribute a lot of that to my self confidence when my acne got bad. I'm just mad that I'm half way through college and I feel like it isn
  11. Day 77 I woke up with 2 more pimples UGH I think it's because I went out last night and wore a lot of make-up. Now I have a huge one on my chin that looks nasty. Also, the pimples on the left side of my face will not go away. Soooo frustrating. My right side is still completely clear.
  12. Day 74 My face hasn't really improved in the last few days. I have 4 stubborn pimples on my left side that will not go away. I can't believe I only have a month left of school. The weather just got really nice and it is so fun being outside. I hate how I had the shittiest year ever, but now I'm feeling better and the semester is coming to an end. I am finally meeting people and having fun, but it is all gonna be over soon
  13. Hey! I do still straighten and blow dry my hair, but not as often as I used to. My hair doesn't get oily anymore, so I can usually last 3 days without washing it. That sounds gross, but my hair doesn't look oily or anything. I still shower everyday, but I don't wash my hair every time. I mostly air dry my hair and just blow dry it a little at the end. I have not experienced any hair loss, but my hair does feel very dry after I wash it. I have also learned how to make my hair look good wi
  14. Day 71 My face is looking better and better, but the red spots are awful. Before I had really bad acne, I would get pimples once and a while and I remember the red spots lasting forever. For some reason, my face just holds redness a lot I'm really worried that it will take a really long time for my redness to disappear after accutane. Does anybody have any suggestions for getting rid of redness? I had an amazing night last night. I decided to live in eco-house next year which is a co-op.
  15. Day 69 Macc, the cortibalm is amazing! My face looks so good! The actives on my left side are still there, but they are a lot smaller and are healing well. I have been so much more confident, lately. I had the busiest week of my life. And, I have gotten Cs on my last two midterms. I thought I was getting a little depressed because I suddenly got completely uninterested in school. It is so unlike me to get Cs and be fine with it. I just have absolutely no motivation to do well. But,