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  1. Hi Mindwitch, I just found this thread - I pm'd you back but need to ask more questions first. Did your Dr prescribe the metrogel for you and said that you had it on your face and forehead? Also, do you use a specific shampoo or have you changed that at all recently as well?
  2. I will speak for me and say I didn't have alot of purging - but it lasted a week. Check the UK boards for help in finding a substitute. I do use generic clean & clear and still have the same results.
  3. -my face tends to get flakey and oily at the same time. so i have to use a moisurizer. its reduces flakes and limits the amount of natual oil that my own skin has to produce. has anyone ever tried this regimen with a moisurizer? and if so, which one? i dont want to over do it when it come to medications or products. but it doesn't matter what system i try, or if it even works on my acne or not. i have still ALWAYS needed a lotion or a moisturizer. i guess i have to try it for myself and see if i
  4. hi, missed that you were actually diag....sorry. they have a sensitive skin brush for the clarisonic and you can try that - it will really help with your pores I am sure. It may be too rough so try it for a few weeks every other day to see what happens. I think after about 30 days I saw improvement with the oracea on all types of my skin issues. Especially when I start the pms stuff, my breakouts dont seem as bad. I would metrogel everyday if I were you, if you don't already. twice a
  5. http://dermatlas.med.jhmi.edu/derm/result.cfm?Diagnosis=93 Hi, I attached a link above - take a look at this to see severe cases. Mine was caught that it didnt get as bad as some of these pics - but it was severe and took a long time to heal. I am now on a regimen of oracea - really like this and it is great for pod and rosacea acne, taz every other nite, m2 - which is mama lotion and finacea and metrogel in the am. I think once you get your flare up under control the best thing since
  6. I have been shown pics in the dr's office that if not treated can go to upper lip and around nose and further. Not so much the cheeks. I would google pics about it and see what you can find. The dr is the best bet though. I am not taking Oracea on a daily basis and it is the only thing that helps POD and I think she thinks rosacea acne for me - besides the topicals.
  7. looks good...hard to tell from the pic, but you look pretty clear. I am usuing lachydrin5 for an aha right now. seems to do well.
  8. the only thing I can think of for you is looking at Paula's choice SA 2% or something like it. SA has helped me with that in the past, especially the below the lip, above chin area. Every thing that you are doing is so drying to the skin, and aha is great and sorry that it isn't working for you. I think that exfoliation is key for you imo. Try neosporin on the infected ones you pop instead of the 10% bp, since you are already using that. It helps me alot. If you skin isn't inflamed,
  9. hi! How long did it take you to go through the vitamin C serum?
  10. off the doxy - hopefully. I went to get my hair done and found that in the past few months my hair is pretty dry. I mentioned it to them and they said some meds do that, didn't think a long term antibiotic would but oh well, who knows. I am taking Juice+ - a high fruit and veggie supplements and have been on them for about a month. You don't see a difference in anything for about 90 days, but hoping it will contribute to the skin as well. Regimen same as above - more of the aha in the am and
  11. I am using taz every night - after I moisturizer, it is going pretty well for me. AHA is a good option in the am - to help with the peelies during the day. I keep it in my car even so if I start to peel, I apply and it helps "dissolve" the dry skin. Make sure you use a strong spf during the day if you are out in the sun. Sometimes I read that people have flare ups after they get a good sunburn or windburn from not protecting their skin. It may be just a coincidence. Always good to
  12. do some research on peri-oral dermatitis. Stop using sodium laurly or laureth sulfates for washing your face and brushing your teeth. See if that helps at all. Metrogel is a good help if that is what you have, but you have to ask your derm.
  13. Dan has an AHA that will help with this, it will help with moisturizing as well. Ok to use what you are using at night for a moisturizer and use an aha in the am, and keep a small bottle with you for mid-day flakes. I am using Lac Hydrin5 - which is available at CVS and you can get Alpha Hydrox and that is actually one of my fav's, but have to order. Test patch your skin for a bit to make sure you don't get too irritated or red. Good luck!
  14. Went to the dr's on Friday and she spent her 30 seconds with me...she will give me more samples of Taz when needed. I have about 5 small tubes. I had a pretty good breakout this week, started last weekend and went from one side of my face to the other. Funny part about it is that it was alot of whiteheads, a little unusual for me. Yes I have had them pretty regularly in the past, but not in a long time. I kept on with the regimen, got back on the Doxy and iced them when needed if they got
  15. Thanks for the response Wildflower! I let the Finacea sink in for about 20-30 minutes before I apply moisturuzer/makeup of any sort. I do use a beauty cloth that helps with exfoliation, but I do peel very badly around my nose and mouth during the day, so the aha does help. Per the Taz website, it says to moisturize first, and have followed that, the slickness from the jojoba oil helps spread the pea-sized amount easier. Philosophy hope in a tube is the absolute best eye cream for me, y