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  1. MamaBree28

    3rd week of The Regimen

    I am still getting breaking out i have 5 active ones on my fave right now. Its getting frustrating.
  2. MamaBree28

    1st week on the regimen

    I keep breaking out in between my eyebrows right in the midde and underneath my eye brows
  3. MamaBree28

    3rd week of The Regimen

    Hi there- just wanted to say I’m on my 3rd week of the regimen and I notice a big difference in my skin. However, my skin is still very dry and flakey. I also, have these two stubborn pimple in between my eyebrows that appeared. I was having a lot of trouble with that area before starting the regimen. I can feel them drying out but the the bumps are still very noticeable.is this all normal?
  4. MamaBree28

    1st week on the regimen

    I’m completing my first week on The Regimen and my skin is very dry and sensitive. I do have a couple nee breakouts im going to up my dosage on the treatment this week per directions. Im nor really seeing any difference. Im goinf to stick with and see how it goes. Is this all normal?