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  1. Hey buddy, I'm currently 17 years old and have pretty bad acne. It's been getting worse every year since it started in grade 8. It's affecting me emotionally in the same way that you feel. I feel really bad and wish that it would go away. I've been using all these products over the last couple of years and my skin has not improved (I've also got eczema around my nose .... pretty fucked up for a 17 year old). I'm really really scared that if I continue all these products, my skin will become ve
  2. Hi guys, I started the DKR 3 days ago and my skin is superbly sensitive to the DK moisturizer. After applying the regimen every morning/night, my skin turns slightly red and becomes very sensitive to light. I easily become sunburn (though it's winter right now lol.) Like I even get sunburn from my house lights lol (which is weird/scary) I don't think it's from the benzoyl peroxide because I've been using bp for a looong time now (before I started the regimen.) However, my skin becomes red in t
  3. Hey guys, I just started the regimen today and my face has become extremely irritated. It itches a lot and it looks very red. I did not expect this to happen because I've been using benzoyl peroxide for a very long time and I've never experienced such irritation. I used proactive before the regimen. I wanted to know if this is normal or if anyone else experienced this when they first started (even if they had used bp before.) Thanks , Homan
  4. hey! I live in Toronto and I just got my starter kit (all 8 oz bottles). Fortunately, there was no gst/pst/duties that I had to pay. So I think you won't get hit by the custom if you order the 8 oz bottles (not sure about the 16 oz) good luck
  5. Hi guys, I live in Toronto, Canada and I ordered my DKR nearly 2.5 weeks ago. It's been 10 business days and I still have not received the products Does anyone how long it takes, on average, to receive these stuff (if you live outside of US?) Also, do you receive the orders in your mail or does a guy come to your door and literally hand it to you? Thanks a lot, Homan
  6. hooman

    Dan's Regimen

    I've previously used proactive and other bp-based products. None of them seemed to help me so I ordered Dan's starter kit. Here are my results:
  7. Hey guys, I ordered the new starter kit on the 23rd of February and I still have not received it. I got a confirmation email saying that the parcel was shipped through first class mail on the 25th (2 days after.) It's been 9 business days and I still haven't gotten anything. I was wondering if this is normal or if I should contact them. How long does it take for you guys to receive your orders? Thanks, Homan PS. I live in Toronto