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    I love how aloe vera is 100% natural and non-irritating. It feels calming, soothing and refreshing on the skin, leaving it clean, soft and smooth. Although, it is sticky on first application, it quickly feels like nothing on your skin once it dries (absorbs and dries very fast).
  2. Natural anti-septic

    I've been using honey and lemon mixed sometimes with a bit of garlic, and it can work because it is a natural anti-septic. I used this on this area around my mouth where the antibiotics the doctor perscribed wouldn't work, and it went in a few days. I had some spots, and i am using it and it is getting rid of them very quickly.
  3. Retin-A is amazing!

    I can see why this product receives such rave reviews. It has been absolutely instrumental in normalizing my acne, reducing my blackheads, evening out my skin tone, and reducing my post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Some insurance plans will cover it if it is being used to treat severe scarring, but others will disallow anything that can be classed as cosmetic in any way. My insurance doesn't cover Retin-A and it's an outrageous price at the pharmacy. It was my friend, actually, who sugge
  4. Thanks for sharing that. This can be useful for others. Diet can do magic!
  5. As i found, acne like this typically is a sign of a hormone imbalance. Try avoiding foods that mess with hormones (dairy, caffeine, sugar, and a few orhers) and eat foods that balance hormones (lots of coconut oil, avocado, omega 3s, etc.) hope this helps