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  1. Thanks for the advice! My hair is like almost 3 inch long, whats quite long for me
  2. Welcome snowwhite! I have started accutane like 20 days before you... The side effects arent at all so bad as I thought they would be. The only thing that bothers me is losing lots more hair. My lips are drier, but it isn't really that bad. I noticed a minor improvement in acne the since i started, pimples calmed down, skin tone is lots better. Just that I also keep on getting cysts on my chin, and it sucks! Its like in a way its not acne, cause it starts so deep in the skin, and i cant really
  3. Kathryn, I agree with portrgirl, vitamins are *NOT* harmless! The side effects of an overdose of vitamins are long and quite serious. People usually thinks vitamins are good for one's health, but when overdosed, they do more harm than good, even on long term. I seriously advise you to go look into the dangers of that. Basically, one of the most commented and toxic medication, Accutane, is NOTHING more than a superdose of vitamin A. And they have to check your blood every month if you're on it.
  4. Hiya! Day 35 i believe... I'm sorry to be off the last weeks, but i'm having exams here, and its quite a handful To make a long story short, my skin is somewhat on and off now, it looks better, but keeps on breaking out, and altough it isnt oily anymore, its still just like sandpaper... I think it'll keep on breaking out till all those blackheads disappear from their own, but i doubt that will be anywhere near... Does anyone has tips on how to get rid of those blackheads faster?? As far as
  5. Day 20; Little update; my skin is overall doing quite well. Its kinda flakey but it doesnt feel dried out and its quite smooth. I get a few new zits a week, but their the ones that stay for a week... Anyway, thats not much of my consern for the moment. I'm a little worried though; today i was scratching my head, which is actually quite itchy since i started the accutane, and all those dead skin cells came falling off, its like my whole scalp is covered with them I only wash my hair like onc
  6. Day 18; Well, i'm in doubt today; My skin is overall quite flakey, but not really dry or burning or so. Also i still have lots of blackheads and after christmas (eating lots of crap) i just got 2 lovely red cysts, one on my chin and one on my cheek, fun! But on the other hand, my skin feels quite smoother than before, and the clogged pores have gone down too I feel... Greets, Semme
  7. Thanks AylaJ, I will normally visit my derm today, so i'll ask! Maybe he'll up me from 20mgs to 40 The only thing i'm worried about is hairloss... How are you doing by the way?
  8. Well, i have used in the past; BP in all different strenghts, Erythromycin cream, Tetracyclin cream and antibiotics Using now; Some prescription cream and accutane. But i'm quite sure that none of those products is really the cause,(although i strongly advise not to use BP for long times, its as harmful as accutane, at least) my facial skin is ever so oily so i guess thats why acne started in the first place...
  9. Hiya, I've been thinking this afternoon (well actually for quite a bit longer) One of these things I cant get is I used to have quite bad acne on my shoulders / upper back / upper arms. I never did anything with it, never put BP or something on it. I was also quite careless with changing shirts and not picking at it. Now all over sudden, after years of it, it just vanished... All that remains are quite a bit of clogged pores and the occasional zit... So i wonder, why the hell is it gone there
  10. Thanks! Had a good christmas, skin has been worse so it was manageable. I just hate it when people all over sudden shoot pictures all over. My skin always looks so horrible on picture, really embarrasing... How was yours? Greets
  11. Day 15 Update; Well, things are slightly worse now, Accutane make my skin look much better for the first ten days (and i'm quite sure it was the accutane; my skin tone was lots better) , but now i'm having a few new pimples and a cyst on my chin, so i guess it 'll take more than 10 pills to be clear Anyway, things arent as bad as before i started, my forehead cleared up really well, just redmarks now(weird thing is my forehead was clear for the last 2 years, and all over sudden, a month ago
  12. Thanks Keeger! An update for day 11; Not much new to tell; i think my skin looks a bit better now, it's even a little less red & oily, except for my nose, which is still as oily as before... But ofcourse, after just a week, i doubt whether the accutane is fully active yet... The only things i have to cope with for the moment is slightly drier lips, but winter is coming here, and it really isn't that bad... The only thing that is just very annoying, is that my skin itches all day
  13. so far not really, my skin looks a little redder though. But it still has only been 9 days, so maybe its coming up... I hope not, christmas and new years commin up *knock on wood*
  14. First 9 days The first day, i got quite a headache due to this stuff. I normally never get headaches, so i'm quite sure its from the accutane. After the first day, i didn't encounter other side effects for now, my skin is as oily as it was but the headache went away... Today i'm feeling like shit, i have some muscle pains and i'm really depressed, but i'm sure that has some other reasons too... Skin is looking a bit better, but i can hardly believe that the accutane is working that fast... G
  15. Hiya, to give you guys some backgroundinformation; i'm 20 years old, have had mild to moderate acne for something like 3 years. I've been seeing a derm for 2 years already, and tried almost everything; erythromycin, minocyclin, tetracyclin, BP, special soaps,... . It sucks having tried everything and still have skin that looks like shit, when everybody else I know is having great skin... So i tried other things, special diet, drinking loads of water, don't washin my face so many times... For so