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  1. Sorry for late reply, haven't been active on this site because of school. I can't because other dermatologists live far from me, and a good portion of them aren't really covered by health insurance. Accutane actually works by reducing sebum levels and it's usually used to treat cystic acne. So far I haven't had any cystic acne, and I do not produce an excess amount of sebum. Not sure about the composition of pores thing, will check more about it later. Recently I've been feeling very stressed ab
  2. Did you ever over-exfoliate or damage your skin in anyway? As this might be a cause.
  3. 1) My dermatologist isn't that great. He has mostly mediocre reviews. That and I feel like he prescribes the same things to everyone with acne (no matter how mild or severe). My dermatologist would probably disapprove, however, I feel like my skin isn't going to heal if I follow his regimen on a daily basis. 2) I don't take accutane, because my acne isn't that severe. That and my acne has nothing to do with genes or the way body works, it's just because I managed to ruin my skin barrier (b
  4. So far I have stopped using Differin and Clindamycin for almost a week. I feel like in doing so, I gained a few more clogged pores than before. The reason for this is because I want to let my skin heal, without using any strong actives. I hoping that after a few weeks, my pores will go slightly back to normal (as my large pores is the reason that they are getting clogged in the first place). What to do you guys think about this? So far as a nighttime skin care routine, I double cleanse my skin,
  5. I think the skin there must either be dry or irritated. The best thing you can do for now is to avoid over-cleansing or exfoliating that particular area. Make sure to properly moisture that area with a non-irritating moisturizer, and to use a hydrating essence/toner on it (not an astringent toner but a hydrating one). Hope this helps!
  6. I definitely don't have PCOS, because it is not in my family, and because I don't display the symptoms of having PCOS. My primary care doctor would have realized if I did have PCOS, due to the fact that I go to checkups yearly. I have not had any testing or labs done for PCOS. I truly believe that the acne is caused by over-exfoliation, I just need to find a proven way of healing my damaged skin barrier. I truly regret exfoliating my face everyday with a clay mask. I feel your pain, but
  7. I am a female. I have told my dermatologist that I think the acne might be due to over exfoliation, he did say that there is a chance that it could be from over exfoliation, and then brushed it off. He prescribed me Clindamycin Phosophate Topical Solution (an antibiotic) and Differin (over the counter Retin-A). These are used to treat normal/regular acne though, not acne from over exfoliation. Next time I see him, I guess I'll try mentioning the over exfoliation again, but I am guessing he is st
  8. I've never heard about that kind of therapy before, thanks for telling me about. If it really does heal skin and make pores smaller, that would be amazing!
  9. About 2 years ago (when I had no knowledge about skincare), I decided to use a clay mask. There were no instructions on how often to use it, so I basically used it every single day for about a week. This of course caused major skin damage, as I kept on over exfoliating my skin without realizing it. I only found out a week or two later, when I started to have mild acne and large pores (orange peel skin). I've been depressed about my skin since, and nothing seems to be curing the damage that has b
  10. Hey! About 2 years ago, I over exfoliated my skin with a clay mask due to my very little knowledge of skin care at the time. I had perfect skin, I probably had a blemish or so once a month. After using the clay mask for almost a week (daily), I started to get pimples here and there. I really didn't care for it, until a week or so later it got worse. You can say at that time I had mild acne, but even so it lowered my self-confidence a lot. I started getting into a proper skincare routine. In
  11. The best choice for you is to probably stop using Differin for awhile (at least until your rash and eczema heals). Skin always changes, so what might have worked for you months ago might not work for you right now. Differin can only go so far as to curing your acne, and Differin is known to cause dry skin (not sure about eczema and such). As for recovery from Differin side-effects, there is no exact time, I say it would take at least 2-3 weeks to heal (depending on your skin type). It might even
  12. Hey! I'm just going to be honest and say that there is not much advice I can give you on the topic PCOS acne, due to the fact I know very little about it. What I do want to say is that you should think a little more positively. I know I might be sounding pretentious, but if your friends are truly your friends they wouldn't judge you based on your acne. For the past 2 years, I have been suffering from slight acne, and orange peel skin. My friends, however, really didn't care neither did they noti