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  1. I got another dandruff shampoo bottle today. If I get any new big zits maybe I’ll try a bit of the antifungal cream but for now I am good!
  2. It is just hyperpigmentation now it is all smooth.
  3. Of course it was hormonal. That is why I called it “PCOS acne”. Birth control pills controlled it for years before I got off them for 6 months and then getting back on caused a slow recovery.
  4. But my breakouts only began after I stopped taking birth control and then began to clear up again when I got back on it.
  5. Hm... Well that is interesting but I am hesistent because I feel like my acne is really clearing up now as it had before on these medications. I have no acne on my forhead anymore and since taking BC pills and using anti-dandruff shampoo my dandruff went away. I feel like it has actually helped. I will ask my dermatologist about the antifungal cream and see what she says.
  6. Yes I began getting dandruff when I stopped the birth control and finally got it under control. It has been gradually getting better. I have nothing on my forhead anymore and the acne is less red and frequent now, thank goodness. Birth control and spirolactone work but it just takes so long. I wish it worked over night but I am happy to see improvements now. Okay, I am looking at the older pictures and freaking out about how bad it had been lol. It makes me realized how much
  7. Ugh!! I am having an awful acne flare up when I finally thought it might be getting better. Why me?! I went to the dermatologist today and she only gave me shots on my chin. She said the ones on the side of my face are not big enough. :\ She also prescribed a few topicals. Today has just been a crummy day.
  8. Here is from a week ago. I will post other pictures of my acne today. Here is today in some good lighting. Blech. I have a new big zit on the right side.
  9. Can you see another dermatologist? It sounds like this one is not proactive enough for you. Also, I thought Accutane is supposed to change the composition of your pores. So wouldn’t that help you even if your acne is not considered severe?
  10. Still not improving... I am almost through with the second pack of birth control pills. I was hoping for some relief by now.
  11. 1. What does your dermatologist think? 2. Can you take accutane? That is supposed to reduce pore sizes.
  12. Definitely worse this week. I feel like I will never have an improvement story.
  13. Yes it is. I had gone years without it. I do not understand why my skin has to be so prone to this.
  14. This is a close up :\ I am so scared I will just have this forever...
  15. This is my acne this week. Honestly not sure if it got better or worse. : Beginning my second pack of Yasmin. So far I am not seeing any exciting improvements. Hopefully things will begin to heal.