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  1. I got TCA complex from perfect complexion. The products are pretty good. I have tried TCA complex, TCA latte and Hyaluronic acid serum 100%. I love all of them. The lady from perfect complexion is soooo generous!! For 100% TCA cross, I got it from ANAIS. Go get it from the Anais ebay store. There is a huge price difference $79.95 vs $49.95. Good Luck!!
  2. Hey Everybody, First of all congratulations to Jay on your skin treatment. I hope everything is fine with you. Last Saturday, I couldn't resist using TCA complex that I bought from Julie a week ago. The website says TCA complex is 12.5 with a Beta booster and a buffer....I don't really know what the means. :confused: However, in a nutshell I think it's meant for skin resurfacing... Anyways, the instructions says to apply a couple full droppers of TCA complex to the center of a folded pape
  3. Banana, You are doing the right thing. Nowhere in TCA Cross document says you have to apply Aquaphor. However, some doctors/derm do suggest moisturizers. But I'm assuming it's better to leave the scabs alone. Stay out of sun if possible and daily sunblock is essential.
  4. Hi Yezzir, I see good results. I had positive comments by one of my colleagues. cheers
  5. If it's still pinkish, I would rather wait till it's gone. Your skin is healing. I would say it's not a good idea to traumatize the skin again. Please be patience. You want to see better results and not making it look worst. I was planning on doing TCA complex yesterday but I put it on hold till my skin is fully recovered. Did you apply anything on the pinkish spots?
  6. Hi Jay and Eyeboy, how are you guys doing? Do keep us update... I just received TCA complex and will be using it end of the month. I have few scabs left.... I 'recrossed' the spots that had scabs fallen off prematurely when I crossed the first time. I believe all the scabs will come by end of this week. Take care
  7. Yes, I did it by myself. This is just a test run but I think I could it pretty easy. I only did 8 small scars. I used a #1 gauge toothpick and put tipped the bottle of TCA (it is a non spilling bottle only what is used comes out). I held the toothpick in my scar for 10 seconds and then neutralized it with what I believe to be a baking soda water mix because a lot of vendors use this for neutralizing. After that I covered the areas with generic neosporin. I may have not been aggressive enough we
  8. sorry!! double post
  9. That's great!!! I have one more scab on my right cheek. It's a stubborn one and I'm confident it's gonna reduce the scar no matter what!! Some of the scars, especially the smaller ones fell off within 3-4 days leaving red marks. I did something different....I applied retin a on the red marks and when I look at myself in the mirror the next day, my skin looks amazing. Since my skin is so used to harsh chemical, I'm guessing retin-a helps to speed up the healing process. It dries out the red mar
  10. Yeah, the scars are still red. I still have a couple of scabs still intact...they should be gone by this week...we'll see. I applied retin a last night and...my skin looks better when I look in the mirror this morning. By the way, I use peter roth thomas powdered sunscreen to cover up the raw skin :blush: By the way, what is your action plan? I'm back to my daily regiment. I'm hoping full recovery soon and once the skin is back to normal, I will proceed with TCA complex. And then, I will let
  11. Some of the scabs fell off 4 days after....I have few scabs left....attached is the before and after. Edit: The first picture was taken yesterday and the second one was taken on april 19....it's after and before pix :doh:
  12. Hey Jay, Don't be discouraged. It's gonna be a week since my TCA cross. I see some results but not sure if my eyes are playing trick on me. I cheat quite a bit. I know I'm not supposed to pick the scabs but sometimes I can't help it :naughty: I cannot imagine I did my whole face. I think by now my collegues are used to my scarry face. :redface: This is my first TCA, I have a lot more to go. I ordered TCA complex and will do it once the pinkish sports are gone. It's amazing to see the tran
  13. Hi Sydney, I totally agree with you. And I wouldn't recommend anyone to go agressive. That why I almost cried when I look in the mirror the very next day. I will go easy next time. ;)