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  1. Last six months haven't been too bad. Nothing major to report aside from a few recent 'problems' About 3 - 4 weeks ago I had about 5 little whiteheads pop up over the course of a week across the centre of my face. We're talking about 2mm in size, so nothing really. They, and their barely visible red marks, had all disappeared by the following week. One of them was a bit different. It was like a tiny pustule, but the head never appeared to be ripe. I noticed it as a dried up head which I jus
  2. It's highly unlikely that you will ever find a specific cause of acne for specific areas of your face. Not without investing tens of millions into cutting edge technology and research. Anything else is just speculation based on anecdotal evidence from strangers on the internet. And that's never good.
  3. 2019 was a good year! That must be why I didn't make a single post! I can't even remember a slightly bad period last year or any particularly nasty spots. I still get the occasional spot here and there, mostly on my chin or nose, but that's it. Persevering with my Duac and Epiduo has paid off and I've had close to four years of good skin now. And that's a world record for me. I haven't had a prescription review with my doctor for two years, though, and there was a note with my las
  4. Nearly a whole year since I last posted in here, cannot believe it's been that long! Have had a pretty good year in relation to acne, probably only one small breakout that I can report and that was three spots that came up and went pretty quickly in September. Still had isolated ones come up here and there, but nothing too soul destroying. It was a surprise to me as, for a long time, I seem to have a really bad year of skin every three years. 2009 was a BAD year, 2012 was a BAD year an
  5. Woke up this morning and my spot had improved to a degree. Very, very, very little pain to it now and feels a tiny bit smaller. Still a massive eyesore, but this is a step in the right direction. Doesn't quite feel dead yet, but the skin over it is dry and flaky now, so that usually indicates it's on the way down. It's not formed a head either, so that should help reduce the healing time too. Maybe tomorrow it'll look better yet.
  6. Checked my spot in the mirror just after my last post and, sure enough, it's not a pleasant one. Looks a bit like a papule with redness around it - much like an insect bite. I imagine that it'll get a head at some point. I'll try taking some ibuprofen before bed tonight to see if I can take the edge off it, but I don't think that'll do much to help. Kinda feels like my skin has kinda slipped a little bit in the last month. Not really sure what to do or think though. It's not disastrous, but th
  7. That last spot I spoke about gradually healed and, two weeks on, it's just a slight red mark. Despite feeling good about my skin when I woke up this morning, I've just found a spot to the left of my nose. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet as I'm out and about, but it's medium sized and is a little painful. Spots on the left hand side of my face barely ever happen and when they do they're not terrible. This one feels like it may be working its way up to forming a head. I had a spot in
  8. Woke up this morning and found that a little scab had formed over the top of my latest spot, it was also very painful to the touch. I peeled the scab off and underneath there was a little globule of pus staring back at me, so I gave the spot a squeeze and quite a bit of liquidy pus oozed out. Since then, the spot has gone down a little bit and all the pain has disappeared. Looks like the spot is dying now, but it certainly doesn't look pretty. There's still a red lump there and it's going to t
  9. My skin's not been too bad since my last update, but had a bit of a weird spot come up this week. Woke up Wednesday morning with a little red patch along the top of my right cheek which was fairly flat and not painful. I assumed it would go down, but the next morning it had swollen up a bit and by the end of the day I could see the start of a head beneath the surface. Woke up today and the head was a little bit bigger and continued to mature throughout the day. After using a hot compress on it,
  10. The spot from my last update stayed the same for a couple of days until I noticed a tiny head at the very top of it. I squeezed this and a load of watery pus came out without much encouragement. This was just before I went to bed and, as I thought, it was a lot smaller when I woke up and there was not even the slightest hint of pain. It spent all of last week going down but, although it's 99% flat now, there's still a tiny bump there with what looks like a whitehead beneath the surface. It's bee
  11. This was exactly my life in 2004/05 - tough times. If I needed to go and buy new clothes or just simply get some fresh air I would drive around 50 miles to a different city just to make sure I didn't see anyone I knew. Even then it could be a rather upsetting experience, I remember being in a clothes shop and when I looked in the mirror in the changing rooms I almost burst into tears at the state of my face.
  12. Had a spot come up to the right of my nose on Thursday! Damn, not had one there for absolutely ages and it used to be the worst place for getting spots! It's quite large, quite red, but not painful. Maybe there was a little bit of pain to start with, but that's virtually disappeared now. Still bloody noticeable though and making me feel a bit bad!
  13. Been a while... And that's because, since my last post, very little acne has popped up. Just the occasional spot and I don't think I've had anything which has exploded pus out. So all good!
  14. Woke up this morning and found that my new spot had developed two heads which were ripe for popping. Quite a bit of pus shot out into the mirror - despite the amount of times this has happened to me, I'm still not numb to the disgust that splattering pus promotes! Thankfully, the heads haven't reformed, just scabbed over. And the spot itself seems to have lost about half of it's volume, so it should be gone in a few days and can be downgraded from a BAD spot to a MEDIUM spot!
  15. Been over 3 months since I last posted and that's because no news is good news! The couple of nasty spots I had from my last post started dying off after that last post, but the one on my nose left a red mark which has only just faded away! Unfortunately, the reason I'm here is that I've had my first spot come up in 3 months. I found it yesterday evening, just above my moustache. Medium sized, red, but no real pain. It's got a bit worse today as it's not developed a head, but it's well benea
  16. No pus formed overnight on my nose, just a light scab which fell off earlier. Doesn't feel quite as swollen now, either, so I think it may finally be dying. It's still a nasty shade of red though and there's lots of flaking skin. And the one to the far left of my nose feels a little smaller today, so that's a step in the right direction as well. Still looks horrible though! Maybe things are starting to look up! No new acne either!
  17. Hey! I've just clocked up 12 years on the forums! Far too long to have been suffering with acne, but I've had long periods of clear skin in that time!
  18. I've been in this situation countless times over the years. Not severely bad for over 10 years now, but even during my mild outbreaks, I get seriously depressed. I'd suggest going to see your doctor about this skin reaction and also open up about how you're feeling. Good luck!
  19. I would say doxycycline is a better option as there are less severe side effects (and no risk of teeth staining!). However, if you got on with minocycline before then maybe you should try it again.
  20. I think you should go back and see the doctor! What your experiencing doesn't sound normal!
  21. Yeah, with food's fine. Never caused me any problems. If I take it on a completely empty stomach then it makes me really sick! I think there is some evidence that the absorption rate is reduced if it's taken at the same time as food, but I don't think it's enough to make a huge difference to acne.
  22. The thing on my nose actually peeled off really easily last night and there wasn't any pus underneath! Just some dried pus which was stuck to the top of the dry skin which peeled off! I felt so happy that I almost ended up leaving the house, but then I remembered that I still had this huge red thing in the centre of my nose. As a result, I didn't go out the house this weekend. Which is a depressing fact. And, sadly, that little bag of pus has reformed throughout today. Not as bad as before and
  23. The thing on my nose did form another pus filled sac on my nose over the course of yesterday. I've resisted popping it as it'll just reform. I'm hoping it's going to dry up over the next 24 hours. I might be able to peel it off then. If not, I'll have to pop all the goo out as I can't go to work with that on my nose. And that other spot above my moustache area is being weird! It went quite flat yesterday morning, but then it seemed to swell up again. When I washed my face yesterday evening, I
  24. Yeah, it's fine to take it in the evening, but don't take it too close to bedtime. I've done this and woken up a few hours later with incredibly bad heartburn, it's not nice! You want to make sure it's had time to get down your throat and into your stomach.
  25. I know that spironolactone is good for women who want to tackle their acne. Some of the gals on here should be able to give you a bit more insight into that particular medicine.