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  1. It's highly unlikely that you will ever find a specific cause of acne for specific areas of your face. Not without investing tens of millions into cutting edge technology and research. Anything else is just speculation based on anecdotal evidence from strangers on the internet. And that's never good.
  2. This was exactly my life in 2004/05 - tough times. If I needed to go and buy new clothes or just simply get some fresh air I would drive around 50 miles to a different city just to make sure I didn't see anyone I knew. Even then it could be a rather upsetting experience, I remember being in a clothes shop and when I looked in the mirror in the changing rooms I almost burst into tears at the state of my face.
  3. Hey! I've just clocked up 12 years on the forums! Far too long to have been suffering with acne, but I've had long periods of clear skin in that time!
  4. I've been in this situation countless times over the years. Not severely bad for over 10 years now, but even during my mild outbreaks, I get seriously depressed. I'd suggest going to see your doctor about this skin reaction and also open up about how you're feeling. Good luck!
  5. I would say doxycycline is a better option as there are less severe side effects (and no risk of teeth staining!). However, if you got on with minocycline before then maybe you should try it again.
  6. I think you should go back and see the doctor! What your experiencing doesn't sound normal!
  7. Yeah, with food's fine. Never caused me any problems. If I take it on a completely empty stomach then it makes me really sick! I think there is some evidence that the absorption rate is reduced if it's taken at the same time as food, but I don't think it's enough to make a huge difference to acne.
  8. Yeah, it's fine to take it in the evening, but don't take it too close to bedtime. I've done this and woken up a few hours later with incredibly bad heartburn, it's not nice! You want to make sure it's had time to get down your throat and into your stomach.
  9. I know that spironolactone is good for women who want to tackle their acne. Some of the gals on here should be able to give you a bit more insight into that particular medicine.
  10. It's a bit difficult to tell without any pictures. I suspect you'd probably need something like microdermabrasion, but that's quite extreme. I don't think many people have a consistent texture to their skin anyway, but if you're concerned you should visit a doctor. Maybe they can identity something which is causing this roughness.
  11. It's unlikely that there's an explanation. Acne can just move around for unexplained reasons and there's little tangible evidence that certain effects cause acne in certain areas. About 10 years ago I got myself completely clear, but then, for about 10 weeks, I just kept getting pustules popping up on my forehead. Eventually they calmed down, but there was no single reason I could put it down to. My treatment regime didn't change, but my forehead just seemed to get really prone to acne. All
  12. Phase 3 will be complete in October 2017 and there will still be a lot of work required to get it to market. I'd be surprised if it's out before the end of 2018. And that's assuming it's sanctioned for public release by the authorities. Hopefully it will make it. I'm just intrigued by it's anti-sebum properties. I've been oily since the 90s, so welcome being a little dryer!
  13. I get keratosis pilaris on the back of my upper arms. It's not really a visible area, so it's never really bothered me. Not 100% sure if that's what you've got as it's difficult to tell from the photos. Maybe go see a doctor and ask them to confirm. If it is keratosis pilaris then there's not much you can do about it unfortunately apart from exfoliating to reduce its appearance.
  14. Looks like acne to me, but if you're concerned it's best go see a doctor/derm to confirm!
  15. Today started off with me feeling down about my acne, then I started to feel better, but now I'm back down again. Hopefully the morning will bring improved skin.