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  1. Yeah, it's about figuring out this puzzle but I feel like I have no clue or path to follow. Perhaps it's stress, which is kind of like a vicious circle since it is caused by acne. It's not too much though... As for my lifestyle or vitamin deficiencies I wouldn't be so convinced... It is hard to figure out those factors... I did make sure to replace what I took out with much healthier food options. Still haven't found any specific triggers and I doubt I will. Haven't really tried out man
  2. So I've been struggling with moderate acne for 3-4 years (I'm 19 now) and it can get annoying sometimes. It is mostly pustules, whiteheads and blackheads around the mouth and chin area, sometimes around the nose and forehead and rarely anwhere else (cheeks, neck, chest, etc). My mom used to have the same type of acne around the same age but went on accutane and got rid of it forever. I tried the same treatment but to my luck I relapsed after 6 months. Now I've tried the alternative of chan