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  1. Thanks for posting the study. I only used it occasionally before but when I read that I decided to try it on a regular basis for a few months. I'm seeing improvement with scars and it's also great for fine lines. I also wanted to add, I no longer have active acne, these are old scars on my cheeks, the rolling kind, also some scars there from laser surgery (which I don't recommend).
  2. That's true! Everyone has something they don't like about their appearance.
  3. It's normal to think that way, even to obsess a little. We all do it from time to time. We were handed a rough deal with a skin disease that can be psychologically devastating. So give yourself a break - it's a tough thing, and it's OK to be bummed out. Just try to find some balance. I wasn't always good at this, it took me a while. Give yourself the luxury of obsessing for a while from time to time, guilt free. But once you've had a good obsess session, train yourself to dismiss these tho
  4. Ello, you can do good things, too. But don't feel like you need to do the things he does. Find your own style. Maybe you care about the environment, or maybe you are just a good listener for your friends to tell their troubles to. There are many ways of doing good in this world. Sometimes the good you can do is close by. So don't look to him so much for how you should be - he is himself, but you are you. Get to know yourself and find out about how wonderful you are. Find your own way to
  5. Update: I like the one from Real Purity, it's very gentle (natural ingredients).
  6. My two big mistakes: 1. Not going on Accutane (I had a really bad case of cystic acne) 2. Getting invasive laser skin resurfacing (left me worse off than before I started) Not doing 1, then doing 2, cost me money, pain, and agony. I can't really blame myself for either. For 1., I was young, nobody was looking after me, and I didn't know any better. For 2., I trusted doctors would put healing above $ (now I know better). Acne is a really serious skin disease, don't let anyone trivialize i
  7. One really bad lighting situation is riding on the DC metro (equivalent of the NYC subway) at night. It's as bright as an operating room. Another place is hair salons. I used to go to a couple with harsh spotlighting, but stopped going because I couldn't stand looking at myself like that for an hour, without even being able to use my hair to hide. Also restaurants and bars - I don't get it. You go there with friends or a date, and you want to look your best and have fun. So there is a sp
  8. I'm seeing some results if I use it consistently and more than they recommend. It's also great for reducing wrinkles (fine lines).
  9. I tried a lot of things but nothing worked, really. I'm seeing some improvement with Retin A right now, I think before I wasn't using enough.
  10. Laser resurfacing made my problem worse. I actually had seen one dermatologist who said, don't do it, it is a waste of money. An angel from God, that I chose to ignore, in my foolishness. Determined to get it done, I went to a plastic surgeon, who saw $ signs and said, sure, he'd do it. I ended up with strange white scars, worse than before. The damage was done by his going in too deep (as two subsequent plastic surgeons told me he had done). In the year following, I did research and found
  11. I totally doubted it myself. I had a zillion of them! Really stubborn deep ones. They had been making themselves at home there on my nose for years. Maybe it won't work for others, but I thought it was worth sharing. And it's a cheap thing to try. I was way past being surprised about anything, and this surprised me. I have been using Zapzyt 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatment Gel. I got it from drugstore.com. I did a search on it just now, it was only $5. Also in the search results, I
  12. I'm not saying it will work for everyone. But I have seen remarkable results. So I thought I'd share in case it helps someone. I haven't had pimples in many years, my problem has been coping with the blackheads on my nose and the scars from the pimples. Anyway, I read about the science of why Benzyol Peroxide works on blackheads and it made sense. Essentially, the key is that it kills the bacteria and clears out the pore. I thought, OK, I'm going to give this a good try. I thought, I have
  13. It sounds like you have an HMO? Can you call to switch treatment centers/primary care physicians (tell them you want to go to the one near work or whatever) so that way you can get referred to another dermatologist for your follow up? That one you saw sounds terrible and did not give you the level of care you deserve. Or if you have some extra money, you might want to also invest in just going to a good dermatologist and paying for it - I am thinking an office visit should be about $75. Your
  14. Please give it some thought before getting CO2 or Erbium laser surgery. It's a very invasive procedure - you are literally walking around skinned until it heals. When it goes wrong (and I've run across lots more than my case where it went wrong), it goes really wrong. I had Erbium laser on my face, and it left me with more scars than I had when I went in. And another doctor I saw said most people do not see improvement with CO2 laser. When it was over, I'd have been happy to have spent $5,0