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  1. Everyone who has acne that bothers them should take accutane. Don't listen to this guy, please.
  2. Day ???? 2 actives, skin is getting a lot better. Only one complaint is the chapped lips but it's an obvious side effect. Now doing 80 mg a day SWV feat WU TANG - Anything
  3. Day 24 Wow, still same side effects but I only have one active right now which is the cyst that I thought was dying down. Oh well, that's pretty crazy. Garden Groove - Sublime
  4. Day 22 Lips chapped, dry skin. Busy with soccer camp. Finally done with legal problems, for some reason they cut me a huge break since I seemed remorseful. Only got a 100 dollar fine. I've got like 10 actives, only like 5 real ones. One cyst that's dying down. I think I'm about to see good progress. Big L - Street Struck
  5. Day 12 Same shit except one thing. I play soccer everyday for school in the monring and we do a ton of running and playing. I feel like complete shit and can barely walk right now with every joint in my body feeling sore as fuck. Is this possibly from the accutane? I am now also going on a diet to see how much that may effect acne. I usually eat fast food 6 times a week at least and fried chicken wings 3 times a week. I eat over five servings of ranch a day which is around 80 grams of animal f
  6. Day 10 Definitely going through the IB. Breaking out a little on neck, back and chest and all around my nose and forehead. I'm dry all around those areas too and my lips are more chapped than they have ever been. Kurupt - C Walk
  7. Day 8 Still feeling a few zits under my skin by my nose. Woke up with real chapped lips. Other than that, it's been ok. dj quik - safe & sound
  8. safe & sound - dj quik why doesn't anyone like hip hop or r&b here?
  9. I'm on Day 9 and I had like 6 small white heads and 4 underground pimples on Day 5/6 or so.. I'm guessing this is my IB. Yeah, I've had something similar. I hope this is my IB.
  10. your acne is looking good, good luck with the rest of your accutane treatment.
  11. you're pretty, i hope everything works out for you.
  12. Day 7 I'm definitely starting to feel the accutane side effects now. I've had chapped lips all day and woke up with dry skin around my mouth. I put on some lotion, used head and shoulders and have been using carmax all day. I am starting to break out around my forehead, nose and mouth. As for my legal problems, I found out today one of my "friends" who was caught with me is blaming the marijuana he swallowed all on me. He is going to tell his lawyer that it was mine and I made him swallow it.
  13. Day 6 Today has been the worst day of the life. I have recently been arrested for alcohol possession and tobacco possession. I violated my probation so now I have to go to court downtown soon. I may not be able to update much this next month. As for the accutane, my dandruff is so awful some people told me I had leaves on my head. Ray L - My Girl Got a Girlfriend
  14. Day 5 Starting to break out. Other than that, i'm good. Nuthin' But a Party - Zapp and Roger