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  1. Did it work? I am on lymecycline now. (3rd week) havent seen any major changes. A bit worse if any
  2. I am kind of in the same situation. I've been on Lymecycline and Epiduo for 3 weeks . But I've havent seen any big different. A matter of fact. I'm afraid it even gotten a little bit worse When did it get better for you?
  3. Hi everyone. So long story short. I am a 22 year old boy who never had any acne problem on my face before. In october 2018 i noticed a few pimple which occasionally i do get for a few days. But this time it did not go away. Before this I NEVER used any products. Just water to rinse my face, no soap, nothing etc. Then everybody adviced me to use a cleanser and moisturizer. I don't know if this has anything to do with the acne but they broke out so much. In januari 2019 I decided to see a doc