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  1. Thanks a lot for that quick response! Phew that's a lot of options... I have thought about Spiro, thanks for reminding me, I might look into that again. If I remember it right however, it is not prescribed for female acne in Germany. I think the rf needling would be one of the first things I'd like to try, I'm just wondering if it improves rolling scars too? I guess otherwise I'd really have to see Dr. Henningsen. Dermatologists I have talked to have been really conservative about peels on my s
  2. Hi, I've been reading a lot of threads on here and looked at the FAQ but I'm unsure what my best options are. Ive been dealing with acne for 3 years now and I hope to limit the amount of damage that it will do to my skin including the scarring, which I have to admit is maybe also due to a habit of picking at my scars. I'm aware that my scarring might not be as severe as other cases and my own perception (damn you unflattering bathroom lighting) is subjective and fluctuates quite a bit. The