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  1. I suppose this isn't too different to the effect of spiro? I used DHT block for a little bit and did see some improvement, but went on spiro just after and figured it was doing the same thing but better so ending up stopping it! Yeah I was thinking that, but also it's confusing because I've heard it takes a while to kick in anyway and at 50 mg Ive already got a really bad breakout and my periods are all irregular so it's definitely doing something. I saw my dermatologist last week and he
  2. Hey! Yep... its the worst, I can't quite believe I've been dealing with it for so long. I live in the UK unfortunately. I think the wealth of information is overwhelming.. seems to be so many causes and "cures" for acne it's so hard to trial and error yourself.. especially when it takes months for most of these things to take effect. :(
  3. Hey everyone, I've been a lurker on these boards for almost 3 years and am finally completely at my wit's end. I'm a 23 year old with incredibly severe hormonal acne. Acne started around 16 just small spots around the t zone - I went on antibiotics for 2 years which cleared it up perfectly! Skip forward to uni I was breaking out more but nothing major, around my second year I was getting loads of whiteheads all over my lower face and small spots but for some reason didn't seem to bot