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  1. I just wanted to provide a quick update on the moisturizer that I’m using. After a few days of using the Cerave moisturizing cream, as of today, I switched to Cetaphil’s moisturizing cream. The reason why? It’s because I found that the Cerave cream didn’t absorb as well as it could have. With my skin flaking, I didn’t necessarily find that it provided the moisture my skin really needed (especially with it being winter too). So, as of today and after a lot of research, I opted to use Cetaph
  2. WilBo

    Week One Done!

    Ok, so week one done! It was actually quite tougher then I had remember from the last time that I had taken Accutane. My face is really dry and so are both my eyes and ears. There’s definitely some flaking going on too. My forehead and cheeks feel like I was sunburned. Because of this, I switched facial moisturizers from Cetaphil to Cerave’s moisturizing cream. I’m only on day two of using this, so it’s hard to say if things will change from here. My fingers are crossed for that! As for my
  3. WilBo

    Week One

    So, here I am starting a third round of Accutane at 40. Yes, that’s right. I said it - 40! I thought at some point that I would get over the acne after the first two rounds, but this little bugger is persistent. Well, a little bit of a history here on me and my acne. I started breaking out in my late teens and early 20s. I tried every over the counter cleanser, acne medicine, etc., but nothing worked. I tried your different ‘cyclines and topical creams that were all prescribed by a dermato