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  1. Hello guys i hope you all stay clear!, my name is Diego and this is my sumary sorry for my bad english im peruvian. Im 24 years old and i develop rosacea papulo pustular, i tried everything creams, lifestylechanges (it helps but not improve as i want) sometimes i breaking out like crazy 7- 8 papules and pustuls over my chin only in my chin wtf? Anyways i did 1 full course of accutane my skin was great i didnt flare up at all i was in heaven, i think i was found mentally piece but in the next 3
  2. Hola Hector, mi nombre es Diego, soy de Perú tengo 24 años. Quiero comunicarme contigo ya que quiero hacerte algunas preguntas sobre el regimen de isotretinoina en microdosis 20mg x semana. Si pudieras por favor brindarme algún contacto para poder conversar. Esta enfermedad del acne realmente me afecta mucho y veo que tú usas la isotretinoina como tratamiento de manera efectiva.

    Muchas gracias.


    1. Good night, i hope you still here. My name is Diego and sorry for my english im from Perú, as i can see you also develop rosacea type 2 (papulo pustular rosacea) same as me. I had severe acne when i was 19. I did 1 standar accutane cycle my acne clear but i also develop rosacea. I've been using accutane for 4 months 20mgxday then i stop take the medicine the rosacea symptoms came back (flushing, oily skin, papule and pustul, itchy, burning and inflamation). This deseade really is really hi