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  1. well dont be afraid if u get a few pimples, its normal, but rest assured ur acne will never be the way it was for sure. i did 6 months, 30mg twice a day. I had pretty oily skin and moderate acne, so biggest change was nice non-oily skin for me. i was worried about it coming back when I got off of it as well, since i was perfectly clear for like 4 months of my treatment, but nothing really changed after i went off of it. Well, other than positive changes, like moist lips haha.
  2. ive met plenty of people who took accutane forever ago and never had acne come back. im one of them actually. and to be honest...the only reason you read so many horror stories on here is because the people who still visit this website are the VERY small population whose acne came back. just fyi
  3. Well its been around 5 months since my last sotret pill, and though I have had a few pimples here and there, they go away by themselves, and I really have no acne at all! The oil never came back, and my skin did not stay weak to sunlight after I went off the medicine. Lips stay moist without chapstick as well. Just some words of encouragement for all of you, BEST OF LUCK!
  4. beginning to think the stuff on my neck may just be razor burn ...but nonethe less the ones on my lip are zits!
  5. i have changes emotionally as well, not substantially but I have noticed it. I go from 0 to angry way quick now, never used to. And if I ever get in any sort of argument that is emotional at all, my eyes start to water and I can hardly hold myself together. I basically had an anxiety attack during a midterm last week as well...so that wasnt fun, at leas i kept it together tho thank god. gl
  6. if you are unhappy, ask to be on it longer lol. its pretty simple...just say WTF I still have acne, I really dont want to stop early. I bet theyll keep you on it.
  7. i am not 100% the day amount, but there is a certain amount of days you can miss before you have to repeat the cycle, or so I recall. I missed 2 days once...and derm said that was fine. HOWEVER, 7 may be too long. Contact your doctor and ask.
  8. i go in the sun daily to surf...and im on accutane. i never get red, or get burned, and sometimes forget sunscreen...so yeah, go in the sun in MX haha
  9. i just started my 4th month on accutane... have been clear for a long while now...but today i woke up with a couple little red pimples on my lip and neck. these are by no means big zits or anything, just something I havent had at all in the last month or so. anything to be worried about (AKA something I should tell my doctor)...or just let them go away? cause I know theyll go away, but I was just concerned being well into my treatment that possibly it isnt a good thing if im getting any zits
  10. dont spot treat. if I get a zit now, I leave it alone, and in a day or 2 its gone.
  11. no hairloss.... then again I have a thick head of hair, and my moms dad had a thick head of hair when he died (sadly). but nonetheless..I havent noticed any difference in hair loss.
  12. im 20 years old and i really havent started to get any legit facial hair until recently...anyways... now the neck part of my beard is pretty thick and electric razors arent cutting it...so ive gone to the good old fashioned straight razor. This is a whole new thing to me...but I had the thought that I should possibly get a certain shaving cream and aftershave to reduce the inflammation im causing my face while on tane (if it will cause any) You guys have any suggestions for a gentle shaving
  13. im pretty sure they can inject those kinds of things with cortisone or something to kill em.