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  1. Nick M

    My Regimen

    This Is Me starting the regimen I have read all about. So, Im going to keep to it as strictly as I can ANd hope to see some wondeful improvement!!!
  2. try dove deep moisture- it also has spf 15, I swear by this stuff
  3. yea that also happened to me, I did what khrysalis said to do, and put the bp all over my face and it worked very well
  4. keep at it, the more you strictly stay to the regimen the better it works- you can check out my pics to see what I mean- it took me around 8-10 weeks to get clear skin
  5. First off I would say just keep doing the regimen as normal- if you start freaking out and adding more steps or missing steps It might cause a breakout, so just relax
  6. make sure your wash your pillow cases and sheets i would say at least once a week.
  7. Ive tried it a couple years ago, Got caught by my girlfriend at the time.(very embarrasing) haven't used it since
  8. i use dove deep moisture facial lotion with spf 15- its light on the face and moisturizes my face very well and it doent make me break out.
  9. Definetly treat that break out with Bp- You can try iceing it down first, that seems to help me, but don't NOT do anything. Meaning (yes) do something LOL.
  10. 2 times a day, Once on morning, and once around dinner time, so Like an 8 to 10 hour time lapse between washing.
  11. i would say i get pissed off and jelous, especialy when its my friends who have had worse acne than me. However I would assume it switches when My friends have break outs and My skin is looking good.
  12. I have NEVER. gotton a break out because of jerking it or having sex.
  13. I currently Use Dove Deep Moisture facial lotion, and I think it works great, I was curious about what other people thought.