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  1. It should have been DAY 25 I quit the accutane and in some ways I am sad, but for the most part I am feeling much better off. I am hoping that some of you will read this and if you have second thoughts about continuing accutane or starting it... do some research if you have doubts. And please, be aware of yourself! I have nothing against it. I think that the drug has done some amazing things for people here, and gave them hope and even came through with that hope. But for me it was not to b
  2. Day 18 Okay I actually decided that I should take this Log a little more seriously now. Not that I wasnt before, but I got a bit ansy because I also quit smoking... a serious bitch, to say the least. (Speaking of forums and support... you will never in your life find more supportive people than those who have quit smoking.. the nicest people you could ever meet!) Okay so here is an update. A real one, as in, more serious. I've noticed I have what I will call "itchy moments" where one part
  3. Pedro and HBC... Hey thanks ! I am with the age thing for the most part... I think? Hmmm, lol Exfoliate with wash cloth!!! Yes no chemical, but I wondered if we were allowed at all to remove these unsightly pieces of skin. Thanks!
  4. Day 15 ... okay I am not that great at keeping count of what day I am on. LOL My skin is drying out a bit more, but tolerable. I do have some minor break outs, but nothing as big as cysts... just good old small pimples that tend to take care of themselves in a few days. But, some of those breakouts are occurring in places I never had an issue with before. Forehead and nose... yuck. On a completely different note, and this is my bitch: I dont think there is enough support for a lot of people
  5. HIya! (I would call you by your name, but I cant really even pronounce your username, heh) I dont know about your hands... but I do remember reading about someone else getting very sore skin on their hands as well. Ask your derm! Hang in their buddy... and I will continue to read your log, and route for you.
  6. To my Superstar Co-star: You have a great and positive attitude my friend! Keep it up, and I will keep reading! TAke care!
  7. Another thing that helps a lot is put moisturizer on your lips first, like the cetaphil, and let it soak in for a minute, and then put on the most waxy (waxy because it doesnt wear off as easily) lip balm you can find, like good ole chapstick. Especially at night. The next day.... ooooooooooooh lips as soft as a babys bottom.
  8. Me too! :pray: I think by both of us replying and this being pedros log, we have written it in the stars that we will in fact NOT be in that 5% Yay... we are already now on our way to being >>>> the ACCUTANE SUUUUUUUUUUUUPERSTARS!!!!!
  9. Yeah... its worth it ... even when people dont bother responding, heh. I think the best part is in about a year from now, I want to come back and see the differences. Not only physical, but the emotional changes. Confidence, etc. And, I would like to be able to help other people later who are just starting out on Accutane then. Because I will be a.................... ACCUTANE SUPERSTAR!!!! RAHHHHH!!! hehe
  10. Boo hoo... this evening I noticed ... oh lets see... about 20 new cysts! small but definitely coming. PLEASE IF YOU READ THIS AND YOU KNOW... IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO TO HELP MINIMIZE THESE??????
  11. I am unsure of this. But I have seen a lot of people complain of being tired a lot. this may be what you are experiencing. maybe reduce practise time so that when your show time arrives you are well rested? good luck!
  12. Hey dude.. stick in there! I am on day 13, just behind you. LIke you, not much dry and peeling. I thought it wasnt really working for me. But its good to hear that someone else isnt really really flaky. I have all the little pustules, but they are unpoppable. So I have to leave them.. the little unsightly suckers! Keep us posted!