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  1. THANK YOU FOR THIS INFORMATIVE MESSAGE! I salute you and really thankful because you do this and not getting tired of it! you are a hero.
  2. Lately I am starting to loose hope with my face scars. I am not just scarred outside but also inside. Can someone tell me if there are many positive results of acne scars treatment? I would feel somehow at rest knowing that there are actually some cure for my/our problems. at least show me some scars improvements from YOU or other people you may know. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
  3. dude. I have been told here that scars on forehead and temples are the hard ones to treat. BUT I am not saying that it can't treat, just dont expect a 100% improvement or glass skin because that is beyond impossible. at least treatments can make them more shallower and thats what I can guarantee you! best of luck lad.
  4. To those who are losing hope. there is still a chance to fix our problem. First of all, please be guided that this pic is not mine. its from Instagram. he shared this photo to spread his successful treatment with his acne scars. notice the difference?
  5. man I can say my case is way more serious than yours. I am planning to get a treatment soon.
  6. hey man. any update with the result for your temple acne scars? I have the same case like yours hopefully you are well recovered!
  7. let me guess, Chinese? yeah true! Asians are known for having a firm and smooth skin especially East Asians. sadly I am asian but my skin is horrible too!
  8. you've been mistaken as a Filipino and latino, does that mean you got Brown skin? or you facial feature looks like one?
  9. I do have a Question people, does acne scars on the temple area are hard ones to treat? or its just same with the cheeks?
  10. JohnThegreat

    Microneedling Journey

    How was the microneedling so far?