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    First month with pictures

    Week 1 No significant changes I kept waiting for the dreaded dry lips and dry skin but nothing I was so ready to see the changes I read about like I was waiting to be miserable and was excited about it lol Week 2 Throat was kinda a sore when I woke up a couple of times and my skin felt tight along with my lips but no peeling and my face had improved a bit Week 3 Holy crap! My skin tingled and my lips peeled and burned but my pores had shrunk and If a bump popped
  2. So I had my first visit in December where we decided I should take the isotretinoin train! But obviously you don't get your meds right away which I didn't know at the time. So I had to give a urine sample and did blood work urine test came back negative so yay not pregnant..but I did have an abortion ( no judging here to help everyone ) back in October so I got a call a couple days later saying the blood test came back positive and my heart dropped! But I knew there was no way so we waited a cou
  3. Juli101021


    I am 28 years old caucasian female from Georgia! Suffered with acne on and off since I was 24!! I started getting nodular painful cystic bumps on my neck and no matter what I tried nothing worked I would do all types of facials treatments natrual remedies and nothing I would think my face was clearing up and BAM! I would wake up and be flared up I have combination skin and was terrified of sunscreen and moisturizer because on top of combo skin I have sensitive skin so everything would burn or