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  1. Guys and gals, this is something you gotta try. I've been wearing fresh yogurt mask everyday for the past month and it has reduced my red marks tremendously. It's still a long way to go considering i have some pretty bad and extensive red marks. BUT it works! it really does. The first time i tried it, i had a drop of honey in it and it irritated for a bit. Maybe it;s the chemical reaction.. Anyway, it's a safe mask containing lactic acid, which is good for reducing red marks. TRY IT!!! and te
  2. I wasn't sure what to put in the topic but what I want to say of course has something to do with make-up and acne. See thing is, I'll be going on a trip with several other people that I work with but they've never seen me without make-up on. I have red marks and some pimples which are going away hopefully VERY SOON that I hide extremely well with make-up. I'm embarrassed to take off my make-up and for them to see the REAL TROUBLED me Unfortunately, I can't request for a single room for myself
  3. hehe i'm glad you had a giggle out of it. but it does exist tho..
  4. apparently it's a miracle cream thats originally for diaper rash but evolved into something thats for alot of things including ACNE! i saw this butt paste phenomenon on oprah. u can buy this through its own website www.buttpaste.com or from retailers such as walmart and target.
  5. hmm i think i kno how u feel. my face started to break out ALOT the first few days of the regimen and it still does after almost a month being on it. But the thing that i notice is that the BP does in fact KILL the pimples/acne. Sometimes, it takes more than an overnight for the pimples to go away altho at times i did see this one pimple (just a small one) go away overnight. Ahhh miracle.. Anyways, just be patient and make sure u follow the regimen exactly how Dan says so and you'll be fine. I
  6. wat abt compact powder that uses rice flour or something like yardley?
  7. oh man i'm sorry. yea i also think it might be the new stuff. i changed moisturizer when i was almost acne-free, then my face broke out in little pimples. grrrr
  8. I'm into my 3rd week of the regimen, and my face is still blotchy in red and the skin feels super tight. I've laid off bp in the morning and put aloe vera gel and moisturizer so that my skin can go back to normal. The bp is definitely working its way fighting those nasty pimples, but i keep getting new ones. OK MAYBE its cuz i'll be on my period soon and altho i know breakouts are expected but i'm already into my 3rd week! wats going on? Anyways, i just hope my face clears up and goes back nor
  9. Is benzoic acid similar to benzoyl peroxide in its elements and functions? My mom's doctor gave her a prescription for her hyperpigmentation. But she said the doctor told her it could also be used for acne treatment (or scarring perhaps). So if i use it while on the regimen, is it going to affect at all? And btw, i'm about 95% clear. Only a few whiteheads ( most of them are dried up already) left and ALOT of redmarks grrr.
  10. man seriously you have improved ALOT!! i'm so shocked. Just keep it up k. I bet you're suffering inside now, but i promise you will taste the fruit of it later. JUst hang in there, fight your way thru this, and NEVER EVER give up! *hugs*
  11. when the skin is in the stage of peeling, is it normail that your whole face is itchy? my face is sooo itchy and i cant stop scratching which i know is totally bad cuz i'm not supposed to touch my face.
  12. yea bp is great to prevent breakouts. for the red marks, check the scar forums to see wat u can do abt them. arent they just so annoying?!