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  1. yea...i really do think another month or two will fix the problem.. I can tell its coming close to being clear... it just sucks because i'm paying a ton of money.. i don't want to do a whole 5 month course again when i can just extend this to 6 and be done and over with..
  2. Hey, I just finished a 5 month course for Accutane. I did 40mg for 1 month and the rest 70mg. My face has cleared up, but there is lots of discoloration left behind from the acne. The main concern i have is that my back acne is only a bit better. I feel it was was really improving in the last month or so but its been about a week since i stopped accutane and my back is already getting quite a few pimples. From what i have read online. Most people have really good results for body acne and us
  3. Hey everyone, I just started my 4th month of Accutane, was off for about 2 weeks due to my doctor having a family emergency. My dosage so far was, 40/70/70 and just started another month of 70. So on to the questions: So far in my treatment i have had two 2 week breaks. Does that effect the overall result? My face has cleared up but my back is still a mess, has any one else faced a similar situation? I have a lot of dark/brown spots on my face left over from acne, is it some thing to worry
  4. Hi, I really need help here. I'm about to finish my 3rd month of accutane. I'm currently on 70mg a day. My face is clear of any acne.. just some dark spots left. When i started accutane my back was some what ok. Few cysts and pimples here and there but as i started accutane. It got ALOT worse and now its even worse. I also am getting some neck acne. Is this normal? My back actually hurts from the acne and looks horrible. i'm going to be going camping in about a month and a half and at this r
  5. Hey, For the past few weeks i have developed this dry cough. I haven't been sick and am feeling perfectly fine but this cough just won't go away. I was wondering is it due to Accutane in any way? Has any one else had this? Thanks
  6. Omg.. wow... thank god i came across this. I'm on accutane and i have this problem. I thought it might be some thing else and i was freaking out. It some times stings so bad if it rubs against your boxers or underwear especially when playing sports.
  7. I haven't updated in a long time...But its been about 2 months since i have been on accutane. I'm on 70mg right now and will most likely move up to 80 next week starting the 3rd month. Nothing has really changed, still dry lips and the acne has pretty much disappeared from my face but still lots of post acne marks left and redness. I have been applying vitamin e oil on the face to help with the marks and i think its making a difference but I'm not sure. One thing i have noticed is that acne has
  8. ^Thanks alot!, Good luck with your course I mean to take vitamin e oil and apply it directly to face. Does any one know what sort of results i will get and if it is ok to do so while on accutane?
  9. Quick Few questions: So i just went to my derm and i didn't have my blood works done in time. Ill be off of accutane for about 5 days, does any one know how that will effect my treatment? Also is it ok for me to vitamen e while on accutane? Thanks in advance
  10. It's hard to update this regularly but: Update: 26th Day About a week ago i started to get really dry lips. I've found that putting on polysporiene mixed with some vaseline works the best. Besides that my face is relatively clear. one or two pimples here and there and i think my red marks are starting to fade. My back seems to have stayed the same since the last update. I'm wondering if accutane is as effective for the back as it is for the face. I have a appointment with my derm in about 3 da
  11. Thanks, Update: 9th Day So i know i said i would update this every 3 days but i was way to busy last week. Any way Things are going well. I'm not sure what to think right now. Every thing seems to be the same as before i started. My lips are a little bit dry but they use to get dry before too. I don't think i have had a initial break out yet. Just a few pimples here and there. I did get a really bad outbreak on my back which had been dormant for the past year. But its quickly going away. Other
  12. Thanks for the help!!. Mind if i ask why you are on your second run?
  13. Hey everyone, Been a long time reader but never a poster. My acne has been off and on for the past few years. I had really good skin for about a year and a month before my sisters wedding i broke out big time.. Even though i got it under control, it left a bunch of red marks and scarring. At the wedding i felt really embarrassed and self conscious. That was sorta the last straw and ive decided that i want to get rid of acne once and for all. God Willing accutane will be the final solution fo
  14. hey every one. I have been using Retin-A 0.1% cream that my derm perscribed. It cleared up my acne and i havn't really had any acne in weeks. I also use Benzac Wash 10% in the shower to apply to my back and face. The only thing left now is my brown and red marks. so my question is will this cleanser make me break out? and how long does it take to see results. i really want to get rid of my brown/red marks.