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  1. I have been using BP wash before applying my Tazorac but I am wondering if something else would work better. Any input?
  2. I used clindagel for a good 4 to 5 months. It worked at first but then it just made me O-I-L-Y Apparently thats a side effect but I was not enjoying dealing with it on a day to day basis. Make sure whichever brand you get, you consult your derm about the "oiliness factor" associated with the specific brand. If you're not comfortable tell your derm what YOU want in an acne medication.
  3. No prob. My derm said that after 48hrs, I could try gentle cleansing with Cetaphil or Purpose. Apply moisturizer graciously morning and night and even in between if you feel the need to. After a week I was told it was okay to resume my Tazorac. Im not tingling anymore. I was at first but that stopped and now I just feel chapped all over. Once this skin starts peeling Im sure I will feel relieved. Im sorry to hear that your derm failed to inform you about all of this. Next time you see him/he
  4. Well, I can't really open my mouth all the way to eat because my skin is so tight. It's all red. Like a fucked up sunburn. There are small patches of flaky skin, maybe two or three. Whenever I move my face my skin takes on the appearance of rippling leather. I'm not in any pain. I definitely can feel the fact that my skin is extremely chapped. Tightness. I felt prepared after reading the treatment reviews on this site and my experience is living up to what I read. My derm showed me an after pic
  5. Whoa whoa whoa, no need to worry so much. This is what we paid for. If you stress out there is a possibility it could just get worse. My doc said this was to be expected. Either way this skin will fall off and new healthy skin will emerge. Don't worry so much. Just breathe and take it day by day. Apply your moisturizer and wait it out. You won't be stuck like this. I promise.
  6. So, today is Sunday and I did the blu light/levulan therapy on Friday around noon. 2 hours letting the levulan sit and then 10 minutes in the box. Now, my face looks like it is made of leather. Thick leather. I can barely open my mouth and I am wondering how long this "leather" look lasts? Anyone? I can deal with redness, but this leather texture has got me going crazy. How long until the skin starts peeling away?
  7. Yea that's what they do. They keep cleaning everytime you apply. They reach down and pull it out. Depending on how much acne potential lies underneath the skins surface, it could take a while to get it all cleaned out. I'm on Tazorac which I started last August (2007) and have faithfully applied it every night. I did not see results 7 months in, but just near the end of May it started to work like magic and really improve things overnight. It just take a while for some people because, like me, s
  8. I asked my derm that same question. Her reply to me was that scrubs are okay to use while treating acne with retinoids, as long as you skip applying your retinoid the night you use the scrub. So scrub away but don't apply your Differin that night. Retinoids themselves act as an exfoliant so using them both will just aggrivate the skin more thus causing more redness, dryness, and possibly breakouts.
  9. You cannot just stop using Taz, especially after 6 months and a certain level of "clear". Once you stop using the Taz your pores and skin are even more vulnerable to pore clogging bacteria because they have become accustomed to constant cleansing via the Tazorac. When you take the Taz out for a long period of time your skin basically goes into panic and begins producing the only thing it knows how...sebum. You have two vitamin A choices for long term results. They are Accutane and continual Tazo
  10. DONT GIVE UP. I was losing hope after month 7 of taz. My taz never worked until about a month ago but now things are doing great. I had to change up some stuff but it definitely made a difference. Here we go. How much Taz do you apply? I literally USED to goop it on, but now I stick with the thinnest layer possible as long as I feel my whole face is covered. Also, my derm gave me Triaz 6% to wash with both morning and night. That has worked miracles along with CLINDAGEL in the morning. I re
  11. DON'T GIVE UP. I was in the same place with my Tazorac at 4 months. I never saw improvement. I didnt see or feel anything with the taz and I went to my derm and told them, "this isn't working give me something else." But they assured me that it just takes time and they were right! I am just now on my six month using Tazorac and I am amazed at what is happening. My skin is smoth and clear, I havent had a pimple in two weeks and I am actually on an uphill climb. I was losing hope but I stuck with
  12. UPDATE!!!! Well, I went to a new derm who put me on some new stuff which has made my skin do a complete turn around! Im astonished. She gave me Triaz cleanser to wash with in the morning and at night, Clindagel for mornings only, 100mg minocycline daily, and I am still on the tazorac at night. I cannot believe my eyes when I see the progress I have made in only a week's time. I have hope for the future and can't wait to see what happens in the coming months... thanks you guys for your input and
  13. I always felt nauseous after taking doxy. I took a pill before driving an hour on the interstate and during the drive I had to vomit in a cup! It was no good.
  14. Yea, I tried that. He said it would clear up for the most part on its own and that I should wait it out, but he also said that if im unhappy at the end of my treatment I have to wait a year for chemical peels and whatnot. A year!?
  15. Thanks for all of the input. Funny thing is, after I posted this I woke up the next morning with a huge white head on my cheek! Im starting to feel like im loosing my mind! I only use a thin amount of Taz on my face and it really just doesn't seem to be kickin in. As far as tea tree oil, how do you incorporate it into your regimen? Wash and apply? Or is it something to be used with the Taz? I mean, having been on taz has anyone experienced GREAT results? I'm talking fully clear skin? Thanks a