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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the discussion, Dudley. This sounds very much like the protocol described by BRD in his stem cell thread. Nice to hear that Dr. Rei's trials are yielding such favorable results!
  2. If you search this forum you will find before and after pictures for needling as well as TCA cross. Try Citizen Panda and Reilly for starters.
  3. Don't be discouraged! I see a great deal of improvement, especially on the right side. The one scar on the left side of your lower chin shows the least improvement, but I still see improvement. All of this assessment is premature because you probably still have some swelling and it takes months for the collagen to fill in the scars. With regard to the 3 or 4 deeper scars, did your physician consider/discuss subcision? Wishing you a good recovery.
  4. Thank you for the very informative post. I wish you a good recovery and hope that you will post updates. Did Dr. Lam view your scarring as minor because of depth, width, or number? I have a few pretty shallow scars on my right cheek that bother me. I would guess they are less than .5 mm in depth. Do you know how deep your scars were? Thanks for any info you can provide and, again, good luck.
  5. 2012, Why not try a cosmetic surgeon already using PRP in his/her practice? There are several in Florida, for example, who use PRP or a "platelet rich plasma gel" in connection with their procedures to speed healing, minimize bleeding/swelling/bruising, etc. They would already be familiar with the extraction/centrifuge process and in addition would be skilled (hopefully) in injecting dermal fillers and the like. http://www.drclevens.com/platelet-healing-gel.html http://www.drman.com/arti
  6. BRD, Is your procedure similar to Dr. Roger Amar's "FAMI" or "AMAR" (Autologous Mesenchymal Anatomic Restoration) technique? It seems as though his procedure differs from traditional fat grafting/transfer, but I am no expert. His before and after pictures are impressive, especially in restoring large volume losses. Do you think his technique would work for superficial rolling scars?
  7. My daughter took this antibiotic for over a year, and it combined with benzoyl peroxide kept her clear.
  8. I would also like to add to what Willow said about those statistics. My daughter's mild inflammatory acne was completely cleared through a combination of oral antibiotics and 2.5% BP (Proactive) for over two years. Unfortunately, that combo quit working for her and she is now on a regimen of BP and retin-A micro, along with Ortho Tricyclen, which keeps her acne under control but not clear as she was before. Anyway, the point is, some medications or combinations of medications can work very we