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    Im a Junior at USF. Public Relations major. I like music, friends, shopping, pop culture, reading, community service and making money! lol!
  1. Day Something: I've been gone for a while but with good reason. So, i recently shipped back Juliet's to the e-bay seller. They shoould have recieved it today so I am expecting a refund soon. I have been using my Purpose Gentl Face wash and Apple Cider Vinegar. Here is my current regimen: AM: Purpose Gentle Face Wash Exfoliate with Baking Soda ACV Oil Olay mositurizer-sometimes PM: Purpose Gentle Face Wash ACV Oil Olay mositurizer-sometimes I use my Alba face mask in opposition of baking soda
  2. It's always best to mositurize after washing your face period. I think applying it over BP won't rub it off. Just give the BP a chance to dry and absorb into your skin. I use Oil of Olay for Combo/Oil skin and I love it. It really depends on how dry your face gets with the BP and if you can stand it while you sleep. I read an article that nightime is when the body re-sets and is the best time to over apply cosmestics. But since you are using a wash and not cream that would apply to you in this s
  3. Snowflakes, I almost cried when i read your last post! No matter what people say or bad you feel yoour gonna wake up a year from a now and feel so much better about yourself. Don't let this experience get you down soo much. There is always a better day. I believe there is somebody for ever body. You will find someone who loves you dispite what you look like but for who you are! Trust me! Now, I don't know how well the the medicine the doctor gave you is working but you can always go old schoo
  4. Day Whatever! Ok so I still have my Purpose face wash and I'm trying to not to use it. I know it's weird that I bought it not to use but I'm trying to use the rest of Juliet's first. Anyways, I've still been using ACV day and night and my dark spots are slowly fading. I still love my ALBA mask and I'm still battling with the blackheads on my cheeks. I swear I look in the mirror and my blackhead are like , 'I ain't going nowhere!" I'm still doing research on glycolic (check spelling)peels but
  5. I think your well on your way to clear skin. And yes picking my skin is my biggest problem. My newest pimple on my lip I left alone for the last three days and just attacked it with BP and tea tree oil. It's defintely going to heal better than the last one which left a nasty dark spot on my cheek. Im actually considering doing some glycolic acid peels but I need more information first. I heard it was good for hyperpigmentation which is basically what the darks spots are on our skin.
  6. Hey milkyglass! I noticed your first post a while ago and decided to add you as a friend because it's rare that I see other black people on here. :D I'm 21 as well btw. I like Purpose a lot too. I like that it's mild and I like the smell of it. I used to use Purpose consistently and one day I decided to stop and try something else. I've tried pretty much every skin care item in Walmart that you can find...I think out of all the cleansers I've tried from Olay, to Clean & Clear, to Phisode
  7. YAY! My first reply! I did notice that i had views but i was worried nobody cared enough to respond. I guess maybe because I don't have ''amazing results'' yet. But my regimen is as follows: AM- Juliet's Facial Cleanser ALBA Papaya Enzyme Mask=when I have time Juliet's Clean & Smooth Scrub ACV-diluted two parts vinegar to one part water 100% Australian Tea Tree on spots Oil of Olay complete mositurizer with SPF15 for oil/combo skin PM- Juliet's Facial Cleanser ALBA Papaya
  8. That is amazing! I have mild, moderate acne and but mine is mainly on my cheeks. If i could have skin like your's by just using this product then I'm definitely going to try. I have a Sephora store here and I went there yesterday trying out some bare minerals for the first time. Ill defintely go back and ask for a sample.
  9. My mom would always tell me that foundation and stuff is bad for your face and I agree but it depends on what kind nowadays. Safe make-up, like Bare Minerals, Everyday Minerals and Bare Ecentuals are ok but like Jolian said, don't wear it all day. If you dont have to wear foundation everyday then don't. Let your face breathe. And again don't sleep in it. Breakout central! Overall, I was told make-up will make you age faster and it thin it may be true. If you look at older women that wore makeuo
  10. I had to delete the long extensive post i wrote because a boss walked by at work before I could save it. So now I'm doing a bullet point type of post instead. Whomp! Whomp! I know! I'm growing confident that my face is clearing up. My dark spots are fading each day I use ACV. I've been using 100% tea tree oil on my marks in additon to ACV. I love ACV! Using them together has dried up these three bumps i had and today i rubbed the scabs away. I'm gonna stop picking my face one day. The same da
  11. I use ACV for my spots it has been working for me quite well so far. And i'm black so the marks are alot my apparent on my skin. Try dilluting it 50/50 first and if you think you can handle it, then try it neat or straight. I apply it twice a day if not three and my marks are slowly fading. It drys out the skin but if you're oily like me then your wont mind. I just a apply a non-oily mositurizer a few mins later.
  12. digitalis, I think the a gentle approcah to your skin is the best approach. Try a gentle soap-free cleanser like Purpose from Johnson & Johnson. It's like five bucks and you can get it at walamart. I all these products and medications only make things worse. Im about to change my regimen to but that is anothe story. And seeing that you quit caring for a while maybe that was the reason it never went away. If all you have are scars and not really whiteheads or balckhead then try daily clean