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  1. I have also purchased Niacid yesterday. Intrigued to try it out on my indented scars when it arrives to see how effective it really is. I'm afraid to get my hopes up but we shall see. At the very least, I hope it does help to clear the PIE of my indents to make them seem less deep.
  2. We are all in this together Hope is a good thing. I recently self-inflicted an area of indented scarring on my cheek due to regrettable picking, how I regret it so so much. I wish I had acne rather than scars as acne is not permanent.
  3. Hello acne scar community, I am in great distress because I have an area of scarring on my cheek as a result of regrettable picking of acne lesions around 4 months back. The result is depressed scarring (I think it's boxcar) that is also highly erythematous. Both bother me tremendously and the redness of the scars make them stand out even more, and likely making them look even deeper than they actually are I have had 2 sessions of subcision done, the most recent (last month)