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  1. Hello, I've had subcision done in late April this year and am wondering what would be the most optimal length of time to wait for the next round of subcision (if I do intend to get one) to allow maximum healing and collagen growth from the first one. I've heard BA reiterate numerous times to wait at least 3 months between subs as collagen takes a minimum of 3 to 6 months to build and anything done sooner will have a counterintuitive effect and disrupt the healing process (overtreatin
  2. I've seen Prof Goh in Singapore as well and have to say it was a pretty underwhelming consult. All he did was to tell me to wait to see if my scars get better on its own cause at that time they were only 4 to 5 months old. Spewing stuff like "you don't want to go in poking with invasive treatments lest it disrupts the natural healing process, let the body do its thing" and all that. What a waste of a consult at 100 bucks to just tell me to wait and see. Not to mention he looked like he was half
  3. I'm curious, if I'm not seeing much improvement or raising of my boxcar/saucer indents 3 months after my sub, would it still be wise to go in for another round? Surely by 3 months collagen would have had enough time to fill it in somewhat. I'm just unsure if my indents are purely atrophic and there's no more or very little tethering hence the lack of results from subcision.
  4. I'm from Singapore so it's not a well known doc from this forum haha. Who was yours?
  5. Dang mine was cannula as well. Were your scars lifted to surface level though? Mine are still indented despite the lumpy feeling beneath. So hence the concern plus disappointment.
  6. I see. Hm it's kinda worrying because I'm not sure if it's the filler or worse, more fibrosis that developed as a result of the treatment.
  7. Hey. I have this same lumpy feeling under my scar (although not visible, just the feeling) after I had subcision with a bit of Radiesse filler placed as a spacer done back in Jan. Did you have any filler placed for your subcision?
  8. I have also purchased Niacid yesterday. Intrigued to try it out on my indented scars when it arrives to see how effective it really is. I'm afraid to get my hopes up but we shall see. At the very least, I hope it does help to clear the PIE of my indents to make them seem less deep.
  9. We are all in this together Hope is a good thing. I recently self-inflicted an area of indented scarring on my cheek due to regrettable picking, how I regret it so so much. I wish I had acne rather than scars as acne is not permanent.