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  1. jealous of others' success

    Tea tree oil really does no good for me. I hear it is like that for some people. I wish it worked as well as it did for other people, but when I apply it my skin gets so angry at me and I break out. Irritating, drying and does no good. HOWEVER! I will say that I seem to take it well in non leave-on products like cleansers, as long as it a helper, not the main active ingredient, so I don't avoid it if I see it on a label for masks and cleansers. 
  2. Wish I'd used it sooner

    Until I started using tetinoin creams my face was horrible, and I wonder why no doctor recommended to me sooner. I've been on antibiotics and I've used so many over the counter treatments but tretinoin really did it for me. I still have acne, but it took it from severe to moderate and now I can chip away at it with other tools. I used this brand and it was great, however they have stopped making it and went I needed a refill I got given a differently branded one, which I mean really it acts in t
  3. Life saver

    I remember reading somewhere that leave-on exfoliators are game changers. They are right. This isn't the exact product I use, but its a variant. Treats and prevents breakouts without irritation. 
  4. JaneyLady_2

    Surprisingly good

    Surprisingly good

    The amount of negative reviews for this oil are kind of a shocker to me, not because I doubt their validity, but simply because I had no drastic reaction to this. I started with shea butter, and when that proved too much for my oily skin I read that hemp seed oil is a good noncomedogenic moisturiser. It's an okay moisturiser, better than oilfree which do nothing for me, but at the same time not as good as shea butter. It makes me shiny and smells weird, BUT it did not break me out. At least I do
  5. Probably does it's job but you can do better

    Here in the sunshine state of Queensland not using sunscreen any day you go outside is a guaranteed sunburn within 15 minutes. As a result of the medication I use, namely retinoid creams and various peels my skin is more vulnerable than usual. Wearing this sunscreen was a necessity for some time and I didn't know I could do better. It made me break out every time but I would not risk not wearing it. I could not tell you why it made me break out, my skin just doesn't take well to cetaphil I guess
  6. I strongly recommend avoiding this product

    I have very oily skin, and any dermatologist will tell you that stripping your face of oils does not result in less oily skin. For that reason I am surprised that dermatologists are supposedly behind this product. It is very drying, painful even, and made everything worse fairly fast even though I am supposedly the target of this product. I use milder cleansers now. 
  7. Fantastic gentle cleanser

    There are many gentle cleansers out there, but I see absolutely nothing wrong with this one. I've tried many kinds of cleansers and soaps. I can't say I like cetaphil all that much, but I really like this one. Doesn't strip my oily face, doesn't make it feel dry, doesn't cause irritation. I use it in conjunction with a different strongly cleanser for those times that I pick at my skin to prevent infection, but otherwise, it fulfills all that cleansers should. Oh, and it doesn't break me out I th
  8. Oh I wish this was right for me

    This is a FANTASTIC moisturiser.. if you don't break out. I loved how it felt on my skin, I loved it and I wanted it to be for me. It did not break me out within the first week of use, but after week 2, and this has happened thrice now, I start breaking out with large pustules under my skin. I have oily skin and this butter did not feel heavy or greasy at all, it left my skin feeling soft. I only know it breaks me out through observing patterns. I think it's worth giving a go, but get ready to d
  9. No different from other benzoyl peroxide products

    If benzyol has not helped you in the past, it will not now. I was very hopeful about this product and it is not to say it doesn't work for people, in my experience it was no different from cheaper more accessible creams like proactiv which for me did nothing. I acknowledge that this is something I observed with my skin, and this will not be the case for everyone. Never the less, I spent $30 on this product and it made me break out and dried out my skin. I even tried the 2-minute leave on method