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  1. anyone considering " copper-peptides" please do a good search on positive and adverse effects before considering the use Copper Peptides. I am trying to be diplomatic here
  2. you could try and post a review, but I doubt it would fit their Business Profile and you would most likely be treated like an unlucky exception :shhh:
  3. I have never tried the dermarolling, so take my comment for what it is. dermarolling will naturally corse some skin-irritation. skin irritation will often at least for a shot while make your skin appear to look better. Question is what will it do to your skin long term, this is my own reason for not having tried the Derma. If you those to try the Derma, then my advise would be try it on a small area, and go light, just be carful. and dont forget the TRUTH is often nothing but a d
  4. You are not a downer I agree whit you, when I look at the site all I see are happy snaps of the Company owers promising us False hopes while planing for trip to disneyland to celebrat their success!
  5. Andes Natural Skin Care says it has come up with a topical treatment based on a secretion from a snail to simultaneously treat acne and clear up disfiguring acne scars. Anyone who has knows about this`? sounds to good to be true http://www.cosmeticsdesign-europe.com/Prod...t-acne-scarring ----------- I believe this is the company and product, http://www.acnescarsresurfacing.com/ingredients/ read the"Praise, Comments & Tips From Our Customers they all sounds so earnest and sincere that I
  6. I have read alot of post about the dermaroller, but never tried one. I could be wrong, but my guts tels me tells me the improving some have noticed are short lived, and comes from the skin irretation I am not saying it is so, but it must be a part of it. definitely try it on a small "ayera" cant spell that word,, for a period, and go very easy.
  7. no, I often skip my zinc fish oil vitamins. dont worry about it, a day off may even be a good thing, for the same reason we dont eat the same food everyday. its not medication .
  8. shit plese dont remind me, I cant help it -- Copper peptide gave me dark spots my skin, but now after a few years they are slowly fading away . another big mistake was to believe in all the miracle advertasment crap
  9. This is what I take Nature's Way Primadophilus Reuteri Pearls, but its not necessary what would be the best for you, and from I have learned its not a matter how many strings its more getting the right ones which will work the best for you. I havnt tried this brand, but its supposed be one of good ones "Culturelle with Lactobacillus ---- also have look here http://www.consumerlab.com/reviews/Probiot...ers/probiotics/
  10. take a look at Natural Factors RxOmega
  11. also have look at Arnica Montana http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez?c...+Arnica+extract
  12. I take Now Foods its 50% whit no bad issues, from 1 ore 2 capsule a day, but I usually only take 1 http://www.iherb.com/Now-Foods-Natural-Res...caps/14767?at=0 have also noticed my skin looks better, but I have also incressed my dose of fish oil, so who knows and then I take taurine and bromelin, but only every other day, ore my skin gets very dry
  13. from what I have read " Lactobacillus reuteri " scould be one of the strains whit the most benefits but It's not that simple I believe. I wounder if Bifidobacterium longum BB536 wouldn't be better for inflammation. all this Probiotics is so hard to figure out, and then there is individual differences. so its properly trail and error to find the one that works best
  14. I don't think you have anything to worry about. I have eaten heated olive oil for eyears and do not think it has caused any any inflammation, at least not in my case. but allways use" medium-low heat
  15. just found this 16 pages long pdf about biosil, not sure what to make out of it I also wounder who founded the study!?. but it does sounds more logical to increase one's own collagen production insted of taking chicken collagen BioSil and the Collagen Connection by Dallas Clouatre, Ph.D., and Kevin M. Connolly, Ph.D http://www.jarrow.com/pdf/BioSilBooklet.pdf