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  1. I Just Lost my second write up on my night out, 2econd!! so ill just ask quick questions. do any of you ladies dance near a guy to try to get him to ask or dance with you? another is when a girl has her back to you but turns her head twice to look at you, is it a dead giveaway? Feel free to share on how you hint.
  2. you should do a research on Accutane, it might be able to help you. be nice to your mom and if you can make her happy in the end you will feel happy.
  3. vaseline lip therapy, small and handy. best thing to do now is prevention
  4. HA! this is his principal speaking. I can not Believe what is going on here. Expect a phone call from me tomorrow.
  5. hey. weight and height alone wont fully determine how much mg you should take. it is best judged by your dermatologist and you want to get it right on the first try. I have a question. <--(a teacher or someone please, is it proper to have the period where the <-- is pointing at or should it be a comma?) Accutane-induced rosacea meaning the drug might cause rosacea?
  6. i recommend you wait at least 9 months to a year
  7. hey cool, i tried this and its working out well. thanks panda1
  8. i used cetaphil skin cleanser but then my skin got a bit oily again after awhile and it didnt seem to help like it did before because of the extra oil i think. i then switched to cetaphil oily skin cleanser and now ive been using it ever since and after that i apply cetaphil daily facial moisturizer spf 15 except on my forhead because it moisturizes itself.
  9. It has been close to a month since i stopped excercising Bcuz of my back and im surprised to see that my body is in the same shape but with less muscle compacted together. my mind however is in a different state. instead of facing every person i see head on ie. talking with confidence, eye contact, and just having a conversation. it only works half of the time. im now uncertain about a few things and would like some help please. every situation is different. usually if both people seem confid
  10. aldone, very good solutions for these type of things especially keeping the mind productive and all.
  11. that part of me tends to be more oily so i never have to moisturize for years now but i use spf 15 lotion on the rest. will this cause my forhead to be darker than the rest of my face in later years?
  12. bran88, i remember asking a question about back pain but i dont know what happened to the thread so ill just ask again. could you ask your friend about his back pain? how it starts? like does it just happen naturally or is he just prone to getting it while weight lifting or doing some type of activity involving the back?
  13. ^ you just mentioned something about steroids...you know when you go to the derm and they apply the dry ice? and if sometimes you have extra spots they inject a needle in the few spots? well i remember that happening to me like years ago and now im wondering...what is that? steroids? all i know is that it was meant to heal quicker and not leave scars or something like that? holy cow and what if it was steroids? what are the side effects? do anything shrink after time or anything like that??