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  1. PLEASE READ. Again, the gut is where we can start to solve all of our problems. I went to the hospital multiple times this month due to extreme polyneuropathy throughout the body, spine and brain. Come to find out that it could be caused by kidney damage caused by leaky gut. I don’t think this is a vitamin A issue. Gut-> liver -> kidneys-> nervous system/ brain Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a state of accelerated cardiovascular disease, whereby the latter rema
  2. For those of you with Nueropathy, what types of treatments/ medications/ supplementation have you implemented to reduce further nerve damage or help manage symptoms? Thanks for your help!
  3. Thanks for the suggestion! My physician also recommended me to take betaine HCL to help improve acidity in the stomach to help digest nutrients (PNS symptoms). She assumes it’s low. She recommended taking 2 500mg a day and increasing by 2 pills every other day until I receive heartburn symptoms. FYI don’t take HCL if you are consuming NSAID’s or without physician supervision.
  4. Any positive results from this yet? Any positive results seen from this yet?
  5. Hi VanceAstro, Thanks for your comment! How many active cultures are you taking? 100billion? 400 billion? More? Do you have a diet that allows these probiotics to flourish? How long have you been taking them? I also read that you must first solve adrenal and thyroid issues for your gut to be repaired. Have you addressed these issues as well? Thanks for your time I just did a test on my Cholsterol and triglycerides. I found that my LDL is at 128 (normal ran
  6. Hey guitarman, You might be interested listening to this podcast about the gut microbiome. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/foundmyfitness/id818198322?mt=2&i=1000351247766 It’s from 2015 but still relevant to your thoughts above.
  7. Hi everyone, New user here. Another sorry soul taken by the grips of Accutane. I just wanted to thank @tryingtohelp2014 @guitarman01 @hatetane @TrueJustice @Dubya_B and many others for all of their time spent here researching, testing, and posting their theories on here. I’ve spent about 50 hours in the past week and a half perusing through these pages as I’m obsessed with fixing this horrible situation we’re stuck in. I am a 25 yr old male Started tane in e