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  1. It took me about 6 months before my skin stopped peeling and looking really dry, although this was around the same time that i started reducing the amount and frequency of BP i was using. AHA, BHA works well too.
  2. Fasting is a good way to detox, but depriving your body of nutrients and anti-oxidants needed to fight acne bacteria will probably only serve to cause breakouts. I hope it works for you but I remain doubtful. Instead you could try drinking lots of green tea. Green tea contains lots of anti-oxidants and detoxes your body without needing to fast.
  3. I stopped breakouts on my nose including blackheads by using a face scrub with micro beads.
  4. It's probably not the BP that's causing the problem but rather the moisturizer. Unless your skin is REALLY dry you wont need to use much moisturizer especially not if it's in cream form. Use only a small amount and make sure to GENTLY massage it into your skin for a couple of minutes.
  5. That's great that you found a solution. I find that my regimen is very cost effective anyway I spend $14 a month for my BP $10 a month for my cleanser and $10 every few months for my moisturizer.
  6. Ok this might help. I live on college and share a bathroom with 6 others. I cleanse in the shower and apply BP / moisturizer standing in front of the mirror in my room. Easy and no-one has to know. And yes It's really really really really worth it. Just check out before and after pictures. It took me 6 months but my skin is pretty good now.
  7. I personally recommend against the use of soap if you have acne. HOWEVER, if you must ... "'Cussons', pure shea butter and honey" soap is great.
  8. Excellent, my forehead used to look exactly like yours but it cleared right up after about 2 weeks on the regimen.
  9. If you've never broken out on your cheeks before and don't expect too, then the answer is no. Don't do it. I am like you, I don't break out on my cheeks, Never have and I've never put BP on them.
  10. Bacteriea is the main concern when things touch your face, so yes anything that could have bacteriea on it is a bad idea to put on your face. Your hands included. It's a good idea to wash your face (if only with water) after you work out and have been sweating. Mainly because the sweat can transfer oils and dirt from your hair to your face etc. Sweat itself isn't bad. However, yes excessive sun exposure isn't a good idea. I'm not sure if it varies between different clothes (eg cot
  11. Make sure that the BP you are using is: water based, 2.5% in strength and contains ONLY BP as its active ingredient.
  12. I've use seacret facial peeling gel occasionally. It works really well. If you use it right you can feel and see the top layer of the skin literally peeling away. The only problem is that it requires a LOT of rubbing, lots and lots and lots. NOT A GOOD IDEA IF YOU HAVE INFLAMED ACNE!
  13. Nice work presidente and thanks for sharing