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  1. I'd get a new dermatologist. Benzoyl peroxide doesn't help with acne scars at all. You need collagen stimulation. Looks like you have mainly boxcar scars.
  2. Wow, can't believe Rullan is charging ~$1,700 for the package deal. It used to be under $1,000 a couple years ago. Even accounting for inflation, that's a ridiculous price jump.
  3. Also wouldn't recommend Novick. His prices are absurd, and I've had bad experiences with him. You have boxcar and icepick scars. I think the best approach would be TCA cross with diluted concentration and microneedling rf.
  4. @KRJP I've seen Dr. Rullan, and he's very ethical and caring. For example, I asked him to perform a way more expensive and intensive procedure (phenol peel), and he talked me out of it, saying the cheaper procedures are good options for my scars. I got the package deal (subcision, cross, microneedling), and I think it's helped although I will need more procedures to see better results. I also have mostly boxcar scars, so I don't know whether the subcision really helped or not. I still have
  5. @KRJP I tagged you in a different thread that discusses Dr. Novick. Are you coming over to the US just to get acne scar treatments? I highly recommend Dr. Rullan over Dr. Novick. But if you are living in Japan, you should just go to Korea and get treatments there. There are way more reputable doctors and clinics there. It'll probably be cheaper too. Or if you are dead set on traveling internationally, might as well see Dr. Lim
  6. @KRJP don't see Dr. Novick for treatments. I along with many others on this forum have had bad experiences with him.
  7. @Sirius Lee It's not that simple... Treating others based on the content of their character and having self-image issues are completely different. That's like telling a depressed person to just be happy. Also, treatments are not simple. It's expensive, time consuming, and access to doctors are dependent on location. It doesn't matter whether the scars are shallow or very deep. It affects everyone differently. There are people with perfect skin who have body dysmorphic disorder. Instead of
  8. @FvckAcne there are scientific research papers that suggest that there are genetic links to acne.
  9. Because UV rays damage your skin cells, and treatments are also microdamaging the skin, so you don't want to microdamage on sensitive skin
  10. I have also read numerous negative reviews about Dr. Emer saying that he's expensive and messed up people's skin
  11. I knew it. I had a bad experience with Novick as well
  12. You really shouldn't go looking for the cheapest doctor. If you do that, you get what you pay for. You just have to make sure to avoid the scammy doctors who overcharge
  13. well, no one would be able to tell if a placebo worked because you still need a control group to test if it's worked or not
  14. No one can suggest a treatment method without seeing your scars, as different scars require different treatment methods. In all likelihood, you will need a combination of treatments. Treatment also varies depending on your skin type. In general, you want: subcision and/or fillers for rolling scars microneedling RF/ certain lasers - boxcar scars TCA cross - icepick scars try to go see a reputable dermatologist who specializes in scar treatment