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  1. Because UV rays damage your skin cells, and treatments are also microdamaging the skin, so you don't want to microdamage on sensitive skin
  2. I have also read numerous negative reviews about Dr. Emer saying that he's expensive and messed up people's skin
  3. I knew it. I had a bad experience with Novick as well
  4. You really shouldn't go looking for the cheapest doctor. If you do that, you get what you pay for. You just have to make sure to avoid the scammy doctors who overcharge
  5. well, no one would be able to tell if a placebo worked because you still need a control group to test if it's worked or not
  6. No one can suggest a treatment method without seeing your scars, as different scars require different treatment methods. In all likelihood, you will need a combination of treatments. Treatment also varies depending on your skin type. In general, you want: subcision and/or fillers for rolling scars microneedling RF/ certain lasers - boxcar scars TCA cross - icepick scars try to go see a reputable dermatologist who specializes in scar treatment
  7. My pigmentation is messed up from dermarolling 0.5mm by myself. Does anyone know if this is permanent?
  8. Those still look like boxcar scars and not large pores. I don't think Fraxel laser will be effective in treating them.
  9. @Urbanite any chance the other NYC doctor was Dr. Novick?
  10. Doubt there will be any groundbreaking technology. Just lots and lots of depression and self-loathing
  11. probably not. TCA cross would be your best bet, but it won't improve 100%. It's usually a Bell curve with 25% and 80% improvement as 2 SD away from 0 and outliers on both ends
  12. I have heard some say that it's not genetic and others say that it is. This is only anecdotal, but several people in my family have acne scarring, which makes me think that genetics plays a big part. I've never had cystic acne and don't pick or pop my acne. I still get acne scarring 80% of the time. I just don't understand it...
  13. @Coolman1630 lasers surgery isn’t the silver bullet to treating acne scars. It’s tricky, especially for darker skin patients. The type and potency will depend on several factors: skin type, skin color, scar type, etc. The efficacy of lasers range from 30-90%% for most people, with 90% being rare cases. Most people fall somewhere in between, meaning that scars can’t be fixed 100%. A 50% improvement is nice, but it’s still a lot to pay for 4-5 thousand dollars. In most cases, people will nee
  14. I'm not bragging to say that I am good looking because I am ugly. I have a fit body because all I do is go to the gym since I am ugly, and from a distance, when you can't see my acne scars and hyperpigmentation, my face is actually pretty good looking. Once you get close though, I look hideous and gross with red marks and boxcar indents all over my cheeks and temples. I know looks aren't everything, but I can't get over the fact that my life would be completely different if I didn't
  15. I'm approaching my senior year of college and going through job searches. The thing is that I'm mortified of going to networking events and meeting new people because I'm scared that they'll judge me because of my bad skin. Or not give me a chance because I don't look the part. Looking presentable is huge in the workforce, especially if you are in a client facing role. I'm so scared that my acne and acne scars are holding me back from the jobs I want.