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  1. I can’t imagine why anyone would say you have the worst skin or call you elephant woman so first off I’m so sorry about that, those people clearly have issues... How many subcisions have you done? Did you use fillers or cupping after subcision? Yours look pretty textural in my opinion but I feel like they can still be tethered because mine have looked deceivingly like that too. In my last subcision I had a thin filler called skinboost throughout since my scarring is widespre
  2. Catalina Crunch’s chocolate cereal has a good texture/taste and it’s one of the least processed ones I’ve tried.
  3. I’m not against the pill in treating acne at all, it just depends on your path! Are you looking to get pregnant soon or do you get bad side effects that make you not want to go on it? There was a post a couple months ago talking about how weening off of birth control helped their acne to not come back worse after getting of the pill. I can’t find it but believe it was something like taking half a pill one day and the rest of the days the normal 1 pill amount, then half a pill every 3 days,
  4. Did a doctor mention the possibility of PCOS? It can look different person to person. I have it and found that my blood sugar was affected and it made me acne worse when I had too much sugar. Birth control, metformin, spironolactone are the usual prescriptions for it. There are videos of how to naturally address it too. Im on the medication I mentioned but low carb, Berberine, zinc pills and spearmint tea twice a day has helped me as well. The only topical that’s helped me is Dapsone g
  5. Okay but the extent to which they kept going was overkill. If they thought I was a burner account why wouldn’t they directly message or tag a moderator like squeezemcqueen did? It really just seems like they wanted a “gotcha” moment so bad and couldn’t own up to things that didn’t make sense with their claims. They skipped over so many of my other posts that weren’t about BA in order to make blanket statements. And they were so aggressive. If I replied I was a BA account. If I didn’t reply
  6. Please look at what especially dodgerguy and scar guy have done. Claiming I’m a burner account/that I’m suspicious/causing harm AND quoting several of my posts. That is harassment. You and Amanda hall joined in without even checking my other posts for yourselves. If you did you’d see what they were saying didn’t add up. I’m apparently a BA account because I posted in a thread about BA that his advice helped me. I’m guessing Dan is a moderator, thank you for tagging him @squeezeMcQueen
  7. Scar guy claimed I was doing harm to vulnerable posters because he thinks I’m a burner account. That’s why I’m responding. What I’m suggesting is what helped me, and I’m going to keep suggesting it because I do think it’ll help others. I also didn’t want to just let you guys pressure me into not responding to YOUR responses. My original post did not reference any of you. You guys started harassing me and wanted me to just accept it.
  8. Actually as a side note, I just realized that in order to take those screenshots of me mentioning BA, you guys definitely had to pass the other comments on my page where I am asking for skin advice on making it less oily which I think my last interaction with that was less than a month ago, while my response to this was MONTHS ago. I defiantly had other interactions between them about acne in general, not even about scarring. So your claim that I’m just replying giving advice and not getti
  9. Please show me where I’ve claimed it’s expert advice? Look at the time stamps, it’ll show that’s it’s not immediately. If anything YOU guys are on this website way more than me?? Using your guys’ crazy logic, you guys are all burner accounts of each other lmao. Look at all of your guys’ activity vs mine. You, dodger guy, scar guy, and Amanda hall all are interacting at the same time, liking each others post and commenting new ones about my posts. Mines suspicious and your guys’ isn’t?
  10. You can read my replies to the other posts if you want to know why I mentioned BA didn’t know my post would be so controversial and bring out all of the conspiracy theorists! Whoops!
  11. “highly suspicious individual” what is wrong with you guys?? also if you and you friend dodger guy read my profile past the BA comments you can see my reply’s to hormonal acne/birth control posts to determine my gender, if you guys actually care about getting the facts right. Your argument on subcision accounts for no human error. If you have widespread scarring, they might not get every spot each time. BA never pushed only filler and did say I could do cupping, but filler was easier for m
  12. I’m not a BA account you’re actually insane lmao I’m just suggesting to people what worked for me when they are literally posting for advice??? I told them to message BA because he knows way more than I do and I only know the stuff for MY specific type of scarring. The moderators can gladly see my PM’a with him where I send pictures of my scarring and see him giving me on going advice/responding to my questions. Anyone talking about BA helping them and trying to tel
  13. @dodgerguy I’m assuming from you quoting several of my posts referencing BA and the other posts in the beautiful ambition thread, that you’re trying to now claim that I’m a secret account of his because I told people to message him lmao. When I first discovered acne.org he was responding on people’s post. He then switched to private messaging only. I was letting people know about him that might not have seen him in other posts, because his advice worked for ME. Some of you seriously act crazy w
  14. You keep saying you find it hard to believe, even though I’m telling you it’s exactly what happened. I’m not “straw man”ing you lol. You’re trying to say because it was not your experience and it does not fit into your “theory” then it’s not likely it actually happened, even though it did. You are not stating a fact, you are stating your “theory” that every case only needs two subcision. I’m telling you that blanket statement does not apply to everyone, and is harmful to make people think they s
  15. Before even knowing which doctor you already categorized them as a bad doctor, so why would I post their name when you’re clearly trying to attack whatever is said that you don’t agree with. I’m not discounting everyone’s experiences with BA, I’m simply stating mine in case it helps anyone because it DID help my skin whether you like to hear it or not. You‘re acting like your word is the absolute truth, that is concerning. If doctors can be wrong (and often times they are) then so
  16. Don’t you think saying two subcisions is enough depends on the person? My scars are widespread/very tethered and like to reattach. I tried cupping and it was not at straightforward as everyone made it seem when you have a lot of scars. I used fillers so I didn’t have to worry about not doing the cupping right. I saw a dramatic difference between my third and fourth subcision, and the results have held pretty well. I plan to get more and gauge based on how much resistance I have at the next one/m
  17. BA’s advice helped me tremendously. My scars are so much better and I would not have known enough about tethering and subcision/filler had it not been for his dm’s explaining the process to me. No doctors or professionals around me ever even mentioned subcision. He did recommend sculptra which my doctor refused to do, so yeah maybe not every bit of his advice is perfect but I can’t imagine how my scarring would look without his advice. He did tell me regular HA filler was still fine though and g
  18. Hey, what do you mean when you say you started with 5mg and now 3mg? How many pills a day do you take for 3mg? Thanks
  19. Try spearmint tea instead of peppermint. There was also a post earlier on here about how slowly getting off of birth control helps ease the transition and lessen acne. It was something like taking half a pill every other day for a little while, then half a pill every day, then every other day etc.
  20. Since you have widespread scarring you should get a thinner filler that can be put throughout. I do think it’s worth a shot to do subcision and filler. Multiple subcisions are needed. I’ve gotten 5 so far and the improvement has been amazing, but I still need more. I’ve gone back to my home country to get treatments since it’s more affordable and I’ve had good results. If you have family overseas where you could get a recommendation it could be worth it to look into doctors there. It could be ri
  21. For box scars usually subcision and filler help
  22. I have similar scarring and 3/4 rounds of subcision with two of them having filler (because I have widespread so it’s hard to get every spot) has made a huge difference! I’ve read on here that it’s necessary to have a filler so the tethers don’t re-attach. Even though the filler is temporary, it substantially improves/softens the scarred area by allowing it to heal while not being tethered.
  23. what type of acne scarring do you have?