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  1. Yes he does! When I asked him for a treatment plan months ago it did not cost anything, so to my knowledge no it does not cost anything. I have gotten very good results from his advice! Send him pictures in different angled lighting so they can get a better view. Different lighting means hold a flashlight or something under your face, from an angle on the side, and as overhead lighting.
  2. Look into pcos(or lean pcos) and also SIBO. Food triggers are probably related to digestion, hormones and a lot of the times both. You could also have insulin resistance if you have reactions to high carb foods, if you want to look into it try getting a 3 hour oral glucose reacting test (the fasting tests doctor usually do won’t show insulin resistance).
  3. There is definitely hope for improvement so please don’t lose hope! What type of scarring do you have? A lot of doctors don’t know what to do so it’s easier to have a plan formed beforehand and then find doctors to do procedures (could be different docs for different procedures). There’s an really good poster on called beautifulambition that gives you treatment plan based on pictures you send. He doesn’t respond on forums anymore but you can private message him.
  4. Try dapsone 5% gel. Benzoyl peroxide and other creams never worked for me either, but dapsone did. It’s for spot treatment.
  5. I would try dapson 5% gel! I never knew about it until last year and it’s been a godsend for me. Everyone’s skin is different but all over topicals never worked for my type of acne. Dapsone is a spot treatment (you can’t use it all over the face as it will build resistance over time) and when I put it on the early stages of an inflamed pimple, they go down and never become a whitehead.
  6. I would ask him again since it was years ago, as new research/techniques could change that suggestion. Since I’ve been on here, I’ve seen recommendations to do cannula instead for most people.
  7. I agree ^ maybe it’s better for you to start off with cannula subcision and filler and go from there? just make sure you’re clear with the exact marks you want filled and ask if you could outline them yourself (sometimes they can’t see the spots you see under certain lighting)
  8. Private message beautiful ambition here as they come up with a detailed personalized treatment plan. To me it looks like a combo of cannula subcision with filler on the areas where there could be fat loss, but the hard edges I think are mostly done with phenol cross or tca cross. From what I’ve seen people write, phenol is better because it has less risk of widening but it’s harder to find a doctor experienced in phenol.
  9. They could go away on their own! If not, save up so she can get treatment if she wants to when she’s older as it can be costly. I can’t imagine any doctor would do a scar treatment on anyone under 14 and there’s risk with treatment (could make it worse) so she should definitely consent to that. Like another commenter said, just make sure you’re putting the effort right now to handle the infantil acne and future acne when she gets older to prevent any more scarring.
  10. looks like rolling scars, I think you’d get good improvement with cannula subcision + ha filler. PM beautiful ambition on here for a more personalized plan. It could take multiple subcisions but I genuinely think you’ll get improvement!
  11. It’s not vain, you just want to take care of yourself and acne is a health related issue. Do you experience any other health issues? Any digestion problems? Rosacea/skin flushing? I know you’ve said you’ve tried a lot but I figured I’d mention that dapsone 5% gel is the only topical that’s every actually helped my breakouts (pastules, cysts), it’s used as a spot treatment. Happy early birthday by the way!
  12. There’s an expert poster on here (beautifulambition) that gives you a personalized treatment plan but they only respond by private message now. They look like boxscars but I have no experience in the temple area so I would wait until you can get better feedback from other who for improvement in that area. If the filler is placed correctly in the right areas after the subcision I think you could get at least 25%, maybe more since yours is mild but again it depends on how much tethering you have.
  13. If you haven’t already, private message a user called beautiful ambition on here. He gives amazing personalized scar treatment plans but only responds through private messaging now.
  14. Your indented scarring is very mild on your cheeks, definitely start with cannula subcision+filler, you will see the quickest improvement and it’s needed as the first step anyways. It’ll probably take a couple subcisions since they might not get all the tethers at once/some will re attach. Make sure you specify exactly which spots you want the filler in. Analyze in different lighting and make sure your doc is on the same page as you. I don’t have experience with temple scarring but I’ve heard to