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  1. wow, your skin looks great! I've been using RAM myself and only recently has my skin started to look like yours. I wish you continued luck!
  2. Hi! I actually have not been able to use AHAs during RAM because my skin is too sensitive. It actually would leave reddish "burn" patches on my skin. Anyways, I ended up just using good old fashioned St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Works like a charm!
  3. My skin is still relatively clear! I get small pimples here and there, but they are pretty much gone in a couple of days. My scars have lightened to the point that they are barely visible (other than the 2 rolling scars I have on my check). Today, I actually went to work without any concealer on! That's the first in YEARS! I'm pretty happy with RAM. There were some rough moments, but it's all ok now. Right now, I'm using RAM almost daily, and still use Clindamycin maybe 2-3 times a week
  4. Dear lilmrssunshine. I'm sorry! For some reason I didn't see your post from such a long time ago! Week 7 on Differin was one of the worse for me. I think for me, 5-7 was very bad. I had huge cysts erupting everywhere! I hope they went away for you. Boy, I haven't updated in a long time! It's been about 5 months since I started the RAM and my skin is finally looking better! After months and months of struggling with very stubborn closed comedones on my left cheek, I finally have been abl
  5. It's been another week, so it's been 5 weeks since I started RAM. Nothing much has changed since my last update. Still have the same issues, though I think my hyperpigmentation is even less than before. I've been going to work WITHOUT concealor this week, though I end up applying concealer to e spots on my face when I'm in my office in the morning. My most recent biggish pimple on my chin left hyperpigmentation, and my fossilized cyst is kinda dark, and my rolling scar on my left cheek is ki
  6. I used to get cysts on my chin and they were definitely hormonal. After using retinoids for over a year, and taking Yaz (birth control) and Spiro, they are under control. I think the thing about cysts is that you need to take something internal to really help control them. Good luck!
  7. should be ok. when I started RAM, I used it every other night, or skipped it for 2 nights to help my skin get used to it. I also use Complex 15 lotion, which I highly recommend because it's very moisturizing without clogging pores. You can put on lotion about 25 minutes after applying RAM.
  8. Day 31 or so. So I've been on RAM a full month now and here are the results, as objective as possible....I've noticed that I'm much harder on my skin than I should be. Trying to be fair. By the way, I'm pretty much using RAM daily now, though sometimes I take a break if I notice too much flaking. So other than a few flakes and some leftover hyperpigmentation and rolling scars, I think my skin is looking pretty good. I am also still getting small pimples here and there, but they generally go
  9. Complex 15 lotion! The best! http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...amp;catid=10400
  10. Hi Madatit. Thank you for your advice. I don't really get cysts anymore...I just have one that's underground and has been there since Christmas. I actually had pretty bag experiences with cortisone injections. I got them twice before, and each time they helped the cysts go away, but they also left deep, sunken indentations that were there for weeks and weeks. This happened even after my dermatologist diluted the cortisone. So since those experiences, I shy away from cortisone injections.
  11. Day 29? Hi Irin! I'm very happy to hear from you. Again, I am very very happy to hear that you are clear! That's really spectacular news! Also, it gives me hope that I too will become clear one day...possibly very soon! I haven't updated in a while. For the past two weeks, my skin has been OK. I had one pimple on my chin that was a little bigger than my other pimples, but not a cyst. It's kinda going away but it left a hyperpigmentation scar. My right cheek as cleared up (previousl
  12. Hi again! It's been a long time! Wonderful news! I'm so happy to hear that you are clear! That's amazing! Have you found that RAM helped with deeper scars, like rolling ones? I can't wait to see pics!
  13. Good luck with your spiro! Works great for hormonal acne. I take Yaz and a very low dose of Spiro (only 25 mg per day) and so far so good, no more cysts on my chin.
  14. From my experience, chin acne (especially cysts) are caused by hormones. Before starting my regimen, I used to get at least 1 or 2 every month right on the day I ovulate. Since using retinoids, glycolic/salicylic/azlaic acid, Yaz, and Spiro, I don't really get them anymore. I think one of the necessary things (at least for me) is to take something internal in order to control your hormones.
  15. Day 17: I've noticed that the pimples I'm getting get dried up and sorta fall off much quicker than before. Also, one of the closed comedones I had for a long time on my left cheek sorta came out and I helped it come out with a gentle squeeze. It sorta left a scab, but it's healing faster than it used to. Hopefully that's the RAM working. I am stopping bioclear lotion temporarily because I used it 2 nights ago and it left some reddish patches of irritation on my skin. It's almost like a mil